Emotional intelligence training for children

Thursday, March 20th 2014. | Lifestyle

The Parents Note on emotional intelligence training for children

How to emotional intelligence training for children? Just like adult, your child may have something special. Even though children tend to simple and natural, you may find certain child calmer than the other. On the contrary, it is also possible to find the child with troublesome attitude.

You cannot blame on the low intellectuality as part of the poor behavior. It is also wrong to take the bad attitude merely as part of method to take your attention. It will be better to consult to any expert about the problem. By doing so, you will learn about the root of the problem and the potential solution.

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The emotional intelligence training for children will be a good option for parent with troubled child. For light case, it is possible that the parent will get simple tips to do at home. It is possible to get the practical breathing training to control the emotion.

The breathing training usually set for angry child. This will let the child to halt the angry expression that usually comes in destructive way.  it will be hard at first. But once the child masters the breathing technique, the child will be able to express the anger at proper way.

Alternatively, better communication training will be the other way around. The important point in this training is that the parent is not merely instructing the child on how to communicate the emotion. It is more about explanation and the parent’s role model.  The example that you give in practical experience will be the benchmarking on how far the child will do what you say.

Taking the children to the social meeting in new environment will be a good test. You can watch from a safe distance on how your child has progress so far. Any progress will be a good sign that the child really learns something from the emotional intelligence training.