Exercise plus play computer minimize the risk of dementia

Wednesday, February 20th 2013. | Diseases

Exercise plus play computer minimize the risk of dementia. Dementia is a decline in mental ability that usually develops slowly, where there is a disturbance of memory, thinking, judgment and ability to focus, and personality deterioration can also occur. At a young age, dementia may occur suddenly if severe injury, disease or toxic substances (eg carbon monoxide) destroys brain cells. But dementia usually occurs slowly and attack aged over 60 years.

But dementia is not part of the normal aging process. Along with age, the changes in the brain can cause the loss of some memory (especially short-term memory) and a decrease in some learning abilities. The change does not affect the normal function.

minimize the risk of dementia

Forgotten in the elderly is not a sign of dementia or early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a decline in mental abilities are more serious, more and more severe. In normal aging, one can not forget the things that detail but the person with dementia may forget the whole incident that had just occurred.

For people who are crazy about computers or face a job that requires sitting at the computer, facing the computer for hours is not felt. So far, people only knew, especially computer radiation can affect eye health, but there are other things more dangerous. But play computer can minimize the risk of dementia.

People who have fun in front of the computer will forget everything, people could spend a day just sitting down to the keyboard and mouse, without realizing the consequences.

The combination of exercise and mental stimulation through the use of computers could help reduce the risk of memory loss associated with age. Doing these two activities was significantly more effective reduce the risk of dementia than play computer or just for sport.

Researchers found that the signs of mild cognitive impairment in people who do not exercise and do not use a computer, compared with those who did moderate exercise and computer use. Mild cognitive impairment in question is a loss of memory as the early development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers also found that people who did moderate exercise and computer use have normal memory function, compared to those who do not exercise or use a computer. Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, aerobics, strength training, golf, yoga, martial arts, weightlifting and use some exercise machines.

Computer use is common among all age groups. It is important to examine how the use of a computer link with aging and dementia. Although this study found an association between joint exercises and the use of computers to better memory function, but this does not prove causality.

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