4 risks and dangers if too long playing computer

How to play computer? Everyone may be skilled at using computers. But what if we continue to use the computer. Just a little break? There are many benefits that we can take from playing the computer. But there are also risks that can happen to us.

Today, computers are a technology that can not be separated from human life. With the computer, various human activities can be solved quickly. For example, to do the task, work and others. Because of its remarkable functionality, computer technology is constantly being renewed, making it more modern. As can be seen that the computer has been modified in order to carry it anywhere and has a more simple and practical size.

minimize the risk of dementia
Risk of play computer

Then, because of the dependence with this one technology that many people finally can not move from his seat in front of the computer. However, sitting in front of the computer turned out to endanger the health of the body. What are the health problems caused by sitting too long in front of the computer.

The risk if too long play computer

Eye damage; The first health disorder is a disorder of the eye. As is well known that the computer will emit radiation, and radiation is what makes a person’s view disturbed. When someone stares at the computer screen for too long, eye disorders like sore eyes, red eyes and watery eyes are very common. But, if this continues to be allowed, the dangers of computer radiation can result in serious eye disorders such as minus eyes.

Spinal disorders; When someone works in front of the computer for a long time, he will position the seat so as not to get tired quickly. However, sometimes people who sit with relax do not notice whether the sitting position is true or not. If the person does not sit in the correct position in the health sciences, it will be possible if the person is affected by a spinal problem. This is caused by the wrong position of a person sitting in a long time will result in bone to bend left, right or slouching. If this is left unchecked, this can be a health hazard as the risk of spinal cord is increased.

Heart attack; Another bad effect of sitting too long in front of the computer screen is the heart attack. From the results of research in London, England, sitting in front of a computer screen in a long time will increase the risk of heart attack by about 67%. This is caused by a body that is less motion so that heart activity can be disrupted which can trigger a heart attack. Moreover, who has experienced heart disease.

The occurrence of blood clots; Another risk that occurs when a person is sitting too long computer play is the blood clot. Blood clots can occur because the body does not make movements that can help blood flow to normal. Blood clots will be very harmful to the body because if left unchecked, the blood clot can clog the bloodstream that can cause blood vessels to burst.

Exercise plus play computer minimize the risk of senility

Dementia is a decline in mental ability that usually develops slowly, where there is a disturbance of memory, thinking, judgment and ability to focus, and personality deterioration can also occur. At a young age, dementia may occur suddenly if severe injury, disease or toxic substances (eg carbon monoxide) destroys brain cells. But dementia usually occurs slowly and attack aged over 60 years.

But dementia is not part of the normal aging process. Along with age, the changes in the brain can cause the loss of some memory (especially short-term memory) and a decrease in some learning abilities. The change does not affect the normal function. Exercise plus play computer will minimize your risk of senility. This is will prevent senility or dementia.

Forgotten in the elderly is not a sign of dementia or early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a decline in mental abilities are more serious, more and more severe. In normal aging, one can not forget the things that detail but the person with dementia may forget the whole incident that had just occurred.

For people who are crazy about computers or face a job that requires sitting at the computer, facing the computer for hours is not felt. So far, people only knew, especially computer radiation can affect eye health, but there are other things more dangerous. But play computer can minimize the risk of dementia.

People who have fun in front of the computer will forget everything, people could spend a day just sitting down to the keyboard and mouse, without realizing the consequences.

The combination of exercise and mental stimulation through the use of computers could help reduce the risk of memory loss associated with age. Doing these two activities was significantly more effective reduce the risk of dementia than play computer or just for sport.

Researchers found that the signs of mild cognitive impairment in people who do not exercise and do not use a computer, compared with those who did moderate exercise and computer use. Mild cognitive impairment in question is a loss of memory as the early development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers also found that people who did moderate exercise and computer use have normal memory function, compared to those who do not exercise or use a computer. Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, aerobics, strength training, golf, yoga, martial arts, weightlifting and use some exercise machines.

Computer use is common among all age groups. It is important to examine how the use of a computer link with aging and dementia. Although this study found an association between joint exercises and the use of computers to better memory function, but this does not prove causality.

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