How do you know if fleas are in your bed

Saturday, September 20th 2014. | Lifestyle

How Do You Know If Fleas Are In Your Bed? Do you feel less comfortable when sleeping lately? And it’s not because of thoughts or work pressure. Maybe you have some problems with the bed. Comfortable bed is not necessarily free of distractions. All that can be recognized when you get scars of painful red spots in the morning. And it could be the flea attack that scary.

Just like how to clean a mattress and clean a stain from mattress, this article explain about How do you know if fleas are in your bed? They suck your blood and leave scars that are not comfortable. In fact, if you see it all part of your bedroom clean. Oh, come to think of where lice bed would be a waste of time. So, how do you know if fleas are in your bed?

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  1. Check all parts of the bed. You can make all the sheets and remove away from the bed. Fleas love to jump and may have been entered into the attached sheets on the bed. Check the connections bed with detail. You might also be difficult for lice to move very quickly. They can move to a small and narrow slit.
  2. If you have the bed that can be opened, then open the lid with a screwdriver. Consider a few buttons on bed; fleas love to hide behind the buttons. Clean all dirt with a vacuum.
  3. If this does not work, then do idle night. Turn off all the lights at night until the situation becomes very dark bedroom. You can move slowly and use a flashlight to see the fleas. Fleas will be seen with exposure of the flashlight. But this way is a little tricky and you have to keep the fleas like keeping thieves.
  4. Fleas are animals that move quickly. They do not like light and become the enemy of man. When you look at all the former flea then check all the gaps disgusting bed. Ticks will usually leave the nest in hidden places. If you find a few flakes to form the framework of ticks as it could be, your bed has become a nest of ticks.
  5. Do you feel very vindictive with fleas? They have been hurt and live on top of the mattress without permission. Not everyone will have time to catch fleas although they are eager. For that, you can trap them. Give some double-sided tape on each corner of the mattress. Wait for about two weeks and see what you get on top of double-sided tape. It is not an effective way to remove a tick on the bed but at least you can suppress their populations.

Fleas are a problem that is very annoying. They work quickly and with a blood-sucking parasite. Cleaning the bed alone is not enough to repel fleas, because they may have jumped into various places without you realizing it. And in the end they are back again. If you get an itch after waking up with some red welts on the skin, then most likely you are exposed to tick bites.

This becomes the easiest way than you do some detection. So some way above most cannot answer your question, how do you know if fleas are in your bed?

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