prevent ingrown armpit hair, causes of ingrown armpit hair, ingrown hair trigger

How to remove a deep ingrown hair on armpit

How to remove a deep ingrown hair on armpit? What a causes of ingrown armpit hair? Armpit hair is a collection of fine hairs that grow in the underarm area. Generally, armpit hair started growing when a person enters puberty and adolescence ends at age between 18 to 20 years.

Having armpit hair is a natural thing. But there are some people who do not like to have armpit hair, especially women. They are willing to do a variety of ways to eliminate the underarm hair. Starting from trying the natural way to use modern means in the beauty salon.

prevent ingrown armpit hair, causes of ingrown armpit hair, ingrown hair trigger
remove a deep ingrown hair on armpit

Actually, someone has a little armpit hair and bushy is influenced by various factors, one of which genetic factors. So every person who has armpit hair with different amounts. To that end, for those who have problems with armpit hair, armpit hair removal with shave once every 1 week, but done continuously.

After cleaning the armpit hair, a problem that often arises is hair growth in the skin layer or ingrown hair. Not only disturb the appearance but sometimes also cause pain in the skin or boil on armpit. Ingrown hair, it would look like a small bump, can be colored red or brown. This can happen when the hair grows in the follicle and not outside.

According to a dermatologist, these lumps can also become infected and lead to folliculitis. Folliculitis occurs because of blockage of the hair follicle. Boils may also be formed within the hair follicle, which then cause itching and can also cause the formation of pus. Not only can occur in the armpits, in other parts of the skin can also occur. Such as the legs, arms, chin etc..

This problem often occurs in men and women who like to clean the bristles. Either by way of waxing or shaving. Then, what is the main trigger? To overcome all that already happened, you can use home remedy to remove ingrown hair on armpits.

How to remove ingrown hair on armpit

Whatever the cause, when the hair has been ingrown on skin, the skin regards it as a foreign object, resulting in inflammation. Now, what can be done if the hair grows inside? The hair should be removed before infection occurs.

  1. Clean the surrounding area of the hair using a soft towel or toothbrush. Wear warm water and wipe with a circular motion for several minutes.
  2. Provide needles that have been sterilized with alcohol. Insert the needle under the curve of the hair, then gently lift the end of the ingrown hair.
  3. After the skin is free from ingrown hair, clean it again with warm water. This method is done so that hair no longer get into the skin. If necessary, rub the skin with an antiseptic ointment to prevent infection.

The simplest way to avoid ingrown hair is by not shaving hair. But for most people, shaving has become a daily activity. Therefore, shave with a safe way and always clean the skin before and after.

Cause of ingrown armpit hair

So what causes ingrown armpit hair? Not doing waxing or shaving properly is the main reason for ingrown hair trigger. When the skin has not been stretched perfectly, feathers have been cleaned and only partially lifted. Hair is not uprooted will decline and grow in the hair follicle. That’s what causes ingrown hair. Pores can become clogged, and the risk of infection that triggers folliculitis.

How to prevent ingrown armpit hair

To prevent ingrown armpit hair, when you want to clean the fur, do when hair is already growing. Fur can not be withdrawn entirely if it grows very short. Therefore, do not do waxing or shaving when the hair is still very short. To prevent ingrown armpit hair.

Be sure to wet the hair, at least five minutes before shaving. That’s because, when it is still wet hair will be softer and easier to clean. Wet it with warm water, it will also help the skin to stretch. Doing Exfoliate can also reduce the risk of ingrown hair. You can use a body scrub or sugar mixed with olive oil. This is useful for cleaning the dirt and the rest of the dead skin, which clogs the pores and that the results of waxing or shaving so more leverage.

For fur besides the armpits. If you shave in the salon, the therapist instructed to wait until the skin is really stretched prior to revocation. Then, if you clean the fur with a razor, remember to shave in the direction of hair growth and not vice versa. Use home remedies to help you get rid of ingrown hair on armpit.

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