How to remove ink stains from leather car seats

How to remove ink stains from leather car seats? Many are still confused to remove the ink stains is already stuck in their car seats, even though a lot of the articles that discuss how to tips on how to clean upholstery but all are discussed in general there has been no solution to the problem which provide ink stains.

Cleaning ink stains is pretty annoying chore, especially if it is on the couch or leather furniture. Took him to the servicing sofa might be one solution. But if you want to clean it yourself, these are three ways you can try.

How to remove ink stains from leather car seats

One thing that is most important, immediately clean the ink stain. The faster, the easier to clean. And the longer it is left, the ink stains are also more difficult to remove.

If just spilled, wipe the ink with a tissue or paper. Do not let the ink stain spreading. Then mix the liquid soap and water, use it to clean the rest of the stain has not disappeared.

Another way to eliminate the ink in the car seat is with hairspray. You can also soften the ink stain with hairspray to make it easier to clean. Spray hairspray on the stain, then rub with a dry cloth immediately. Then wash using a mixture of soap and water.

When a car seat is exposed ink pen, do not wait long, immediately wipe with a cloth or cloth in warm water. Proper cleaning can eliminate the ink stains though. Upholstery cleaners are actually several kinds, no upholstery cleaners to polish, upholstery cleaners to care for the skin, upholstery cleaners to remove ink stains.

Having a clean car is a pride of its own as well as comfort. This indicates that we are very concerned about the cleanliness and beauty of our cars. Clean cars not only limited to the exterior, but also on the interior. Clean car interior not only looks sweet views, but also good for health.

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