Remove Underarm Hair Permanently, eliminate underarm hair at home, best way to get rid of underarm hair

How to Remove Underarm Hair Permanently at Home

How to remove underarm hair at home permanently? Underarm hair is not something life threatening, but its appearance is often frowned upon from aesthetic point of view. While men are usually more indifferent toward the presence of underarm hair, many of them now remove the hair on the reason of keeping away body odor. Hairy underarm indeed is a cause of body odor, because the bushy armpit hair traps more sweat and bacteria, creating even more prominent odor compared to clean and shaven armpits. Therefore, many people feel the need of shaving their underarm hair to avoid and prevent body odor problem.

However, underarm hair grows quite fast. Many people just hate the obligation of shaving their armpits over and over in just several days span, and the razors must always be clean and hygienic to avoid infection and other problems. Many also depend on wax products or cream that causes burning sensation when applied, which is not nice if you apply such ingredients under the armpits.

Remove Underarm Hair Permanently, eliminate underarm hair at home, best way to get rid of underarm hair

The best way to get rid of underarm hair at home using more permanent method is by making your own waxing concoction. This is a great way to keep your underarm hair from growing too fast, and you can do it by ingredients you have at home. You can finally say goodbye to body odor.

How to Make Underarm Hair Waxing

Molasses and sugar are traditional ingredients for waxing, and you can mix them in a special waxing concoction you can make at home. To make this natural waxing concoction, you must first prepare the ingredients: a cup of sugar, ½ cup of water, fresh lemon juice and molasses ¼ cup for each, baby powder, and moisturizing body lotion. If you do not have molasses, you can replace it with honey. You must also have good candy temperature to get the right reading for your waxing concoction.

Here are the steps of making your waxing concoction:

  • Pour all the ingredients (lemon juice, sugar, molasses or honey) into a pan and heat them on medium fire until boiling.
  • After you see it boiled, turn the stove fire into simmer and let the mixture cooked for 30 minutes.
  • See if the mixture turns into brown color and check with the candy thermometer. If the temperature reaches 246 F, remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture be cooled naturally. This is your natural wax.

To make the wax and removing body odor once and for all, first clean the armpits with water and pat them dry. Apply baby powder to both and apply the wax using the backside of the spoon. Let it sits until dries before you pull the wax layer in one swift motion (use your other hand to hold the underarm skin in position). Do this repeatedly until you get rid all the underarm hair. Apply body lotion afterward to sooth your reddened skin.

How to eliminate underarm hair permanently? You can store the rest of the wax if you still have it. Make sure you use a container or jar that has good sealing lid, and keep it in a place not directly hit by the sunlight and heat.

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