How to teach children to live healthy

How to teach children to live healthy. Living healthy is very important to know all of us to avoid various diseases and body remain healthy and fit. There are plenty of healthy lifestyles that need attention. Among observe diet, exercise, rest and lifestyle. Lifestyle at the moment a lot of which do not fit with a healthy lifestyle so that people today are more prone to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc..

Every parent would want their children healthy. In the womb, most mothers always pray for a healthy and normal baby. Actually quite easy to keep children healthy. We choose what they should eat, and keep them active. However, the challenge begins when they start running their own, talk, and make decisions. Develop habits of the children to stay healthy is a challenge for most parents and it must be faced everyday.

Healthy living in children, Train the brain child

How to teach children to live healthy

Start early; Habits are formed since we were young. Pay attention to what we used to do every day, probably because we have been doing for years. And this habit may have started when we were little. So also with our children. Whatever is comfortable for them as a child will become a habit.

One of the important thing we do as parents is to establish healthy habits. Begin as soon as they begin to show signs of independence. And try to form the habit until they are thirteen or fourteen years old. If we let them have the wrong habits since they were toddlers until pre-teens, chances are they will carry these habits into adulthood later.

Teach children to keep clean; How to make sure our kids stay healthy and free of disease is to make sure they stay clean. Make sure they have the habit of bathing at least twice a day, brush teeth twice a day, wash your hands before and after eating, and after handling money. Keeping your kids clean up is a good way to fight germs. But that does not mean not to be playing in the mud, important that they shower afterwards.

Point your child to remain active in the activity; Teach children to exercise and be sure to allow time to play with them. The kids had a lot of energy, and they need to train the muscles so they can grow strong. As adults, we need about half an hour of daily exercise. Change the time by playing and running around with our children. This is both a great way to stay close and familiar with them. Most children who play with their parents on a regular basis tend to be much of a problem in their teens.

Train the brain child; Navigate our children to read books, play puzzles, chess or other games that stimulate brain activity. This could be the activities carried out after dinner. Train the brain is as important as exercise. Remember, brain development will also keep us healthy.

The quality and quantity of food; The quality and quantity of the food is also very important. Follow the recommended serving sizes for foods, and make sure that four healthy and five perfectly implemented well in your child’s diet. If we can implement healthy eating habits from an early age until their later teens and adults, we have lowered the risk of contracting various diseases.

In order for children to optimal growth and development, parents should pay attention to the fulfillment of age-appropriate child nutrition. For children, adequate nutrition is essential to optimize growth.

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