Identify criteria for autism in children

Identify criteria for autism in children. There are so many definitions circulating about Autism. But in general Autism is a developmental disorder occurs in childhood, which makes a person incapable of social interaction and seems to live in his own world. In children with Autism called Autism infantil. Schizophrenia is also a disorder that makes people pull away from the outside world and create their own fantasy world such as talk, laugh, cry, and get angry yourself.

But there is a clear distinction between the causes of autism in people with Schizophrenia and Autism Infantil. Schizophrenia is caused by the process of regression due to mental illness, whereas in children with Autism Infantil there is a failure of growth.

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Autism Symptoms Infantil occurred before the child reached the age of 3 years. In some children, the symptoms had been there since birth. A mother who is very closely monitoring the growth of children are going to see some anomalies before the child reaches the age of 1 year. A very prominent is the absence or very lack of eye contact.

To check a children with autism, to use international standards on autism. ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) 1993 and DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) 1994 to formulate the diagnostic criteria for autism Infantil same content, which is currently used throughout the world.

Criteria for children with autism

1. Qualitative disturbances in reciprocal social interaction (there must be at least two of these symptoms below)

  • very less eye contact, less lively facial expressions, gestures are less focused.
  • Can not play with peers.
  • There was no empathy (can not feel what others feel).
  • Less able to organize social relationships and emotional reciprocity.

2. Qualitative disorders of communication (must be at least one of the symptoms below)

  • Development of speech late or not at all developed. Children do not attempt to communicate non-verbally. If the child can talk, then not used speech to communicate.
  • Often use strange language and repetitive.
  • How to play less varied, less imaginative and less able to replicate.

3. Pattern behavior of sustained and repetitive, interests, and activities (Must be at least one of the symptoms below)

  • Maintaining one or more interest in a very distinctive and redundant.
  • Fixated on a ritualistic activities or routines that are not any good.
  • There are strange movements typical and repetitive.
  • Often very impressed on the parts of objects.

Before the age of 3 years seems a delay or disruption in social interaction, speech and language, and how to play the monotony, lack of variety.

Autism is not caused by Rett syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder. However, there is always the possibility of misdiagnosis, especially in mild autism. This is usually due to a disorder or other illnesses that accompany autism disorders that exist, such as severe mental retardation or hyperactivity. Autism has a possibility to be cured, depending on the severity of the existing problems.

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