Tricks prevent watery eyes when cutting onions

Watery eyes when cutting onions? There is a trick to prevent watery eyes when cutting onions. Watery eyes is one of the things many people complained when the need to cut onions. Compounds contained in onion is considered to be the trigger of this watery eyes.

Why onions can make your eyes stinging and tears, and how can you prevent it? Onion arranged on the outside of the so-called “tunic” (the outer layer of brown), the middle part is white, called the “scale”, and the bottom is called “basal” (often referred to as “root”).

prevent watery eyes when cutting onions

Tricks prevent watery eyes when cutting onions

  • Use a very sharp knife when cutting onions. Enzymes are released when cells are damaged or destroyed. Use a sharp knife to cut the onion but do not destroy it, so the enzyme is released will be less. Regardless whether you are also using different tricks to prevent watery eyes when cutting onion, always use a sharp knife when cutting onions. You will be much faster finish!
  • Chill the onion in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting. This will reduce the amount of acid enzymes that are released into the air and no effect on the taste of onion you. Cooling the onion is referred to as “the most effective way to reduce tears”.
  • Cut the onion in the water. This method is effective to prevent watery eyes when cutting onion, but difficult to do. In the water, onion pieces will float to nowhere unless you hold and pick it up and throw away the water. If not done properly, this will only complicate you. So if you want to do, you should plan what you want to do before.
  • Breathing from the mouth and stick out your tongue. This will make gas from onions leads to wet your tongue and prevent watery eyes when cutting onion.
  • Whistling while you chop the onions. Whistling will create air flow enough to repel onion gas from your face, so it does not reach the eyes. Choose the tone that you like so that you will not stop whistling until finished cutting onions.

However, one of the supermarkets in the UK have a unique breakthrough. They launched onion with a sweet taste and is guaranteed not to make people shed tears. In fact, no more bad breath after eating onion. Onion is claimed to have lower levels of spiciness. It was also fresher and crisper texture than regular onions.

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