cause of abdominal pain, abdominal pain right side, abdominal pain after eating

Abdominal pain right side after eating

What is the cause of abdominal pain right side after eating. Abdominal pain can be caused by many factors. But knowing about the cause of abdominal pain can help people to avoid the serious problem. It also allows people to take the right treatment soon. To identify the cause, people need to make sure about the location of the abdominal pain. Consult it to the doctor will be the best solution. From the doctor, people can get the right diagnosis.

Talking about abdominal pain, sometimes the pain felt on the right side of the abdominal. In the usual case, it may affect by Aerophagia or air swallowing. It happens when people eat some food rapidly. This habit may trap the air into the intestines. In some case, it cause some pain. Aerophagia pain may appear in the varied spot. If the pain on the lower right abdominal pain is recurrent and frequent, it can be caused by Crohn’s disease.

cause of abdominal pain, abdominal pain right side, abdominal pain after eating

When the cause has been identified, the right treatment can be made. To treat the simple aerophagia, people need to change their eating habit. Make sure to eat slower. Reduce the consumption of fatty food. Fatty food may contribute to gas build up.

To control the appendicitis, people can take antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. But inflamed appendix can be removed only by surgery. The effect of the untreated inflamed appendix can be so dangerous. If this is the cause of the abdominal pain, make sure to visit the doctor and consult it soon.

This abdominal pain can be treated by managing nutritional supplements and consuming anti-inflammatory medication. But preventive is the still better. To prevent this problem, people need to eat the healthier foods. Eat food which rich in fiber is also necessary. Fiber helps the digestive health and of course it can reduces abdominal pain too. Crohn’s disease can be caused by a bacterial infection too. For this, controlling the diet and get enough exercise will give the great help.

Abdominal pain right side can be caused not only due to interference arising from the stomach itself, but also the possibility of another organ located in the abdomen such as the liver, right kidney, gall bladder, right ureter, right ovary and right fallopian tubes in women, and so on. Recognizing the exact location of abdominal pain on the right may help in diagnosing quickly, so as to determine the cause of pain on the right abdomen and how to overcome them.

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