Benefits of bananas for a healthy body

Benefits of bananas health and beauty. This fruit has a fairly complete nutrition to the body. Essential minerals and vitamins contained in fruit make doctors often recommend it to patients. Benefits of banana for health the body include:

– Good for the digestive tract. Bananas contain enough fiber which is very good for maintaining regular bowel movements regular. In addition, bananas also contain pectin which is a powerful compound to prevent constipation. Regular consumption of bananas is believed very potent to prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer.

bananas for a healthy body

– Good for kidney health. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Adequacy of potassium in the body makes controlling spending more stable calcium through the urine. These conditions prevent the formation of kidney stones, so that the kidneys also become healthier.

– Effective for lowering blood pressure. Levels of potassium in bananas can be quite high. Function of potassium is to neutralize blood pressure, because it is very good for preventing high blood or stroke. This also is the reason why doctors often advise patients to diligently consume high blood bananas every day.

– Restore energy quickly. Banana contains healthy carbohydrates that can be absorbed and processed rapidly by the body to be a source of energy. Because of this, many coaches ask athletes to eating a banana before or at halftime.

– To program your diet, change your diet by eating bananas large size and 4 glasses of milk a non / low fat. You do not have to worry about feeling tired because this is sufficient to meet your energy needs. Doing this diet at least 3 times a week if you want results quickly visible.

– To cope with abdominal pain, relieve abdominal pain or problems with bowel disorders, simply by eating a banana along with a glass of milk.

– For patients with liver. Consumption 2 medium size bananas with 1 tablespoon of pure honey a few hours before eating. Addition will increase appetite, it will also restore stamina.

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