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Home remedy for peeling skin on hands

Have you ever experienced the peeling skin on hand? Peeling of skin on the hands is a common thing experienced by all people, and it is most often experienced by women. Generally, peeling of hand skin caused by sun damage, certain medications or the conditions that are less moist, so the skin becomes dry and eventually the skin handwillpeel off.

Peeling skin must be treated immediately, because if it is allowed then there is the possibility of more severe problems. So what is the best solution? Here are several tips about home remedy for peeling skin on hands:

peeling skin on fingers, peeling skin on hands treatment, peeling skin on palms of hands

– Compress and cool the hand with mint water

After you have known the condition of your hand skin becomes peeling and rough, try to compress the skin of your hands with a wet towel. After that, look for mint leaves and destroy it so you get its water. Then apply that liquid on the skin of your hands that peeling and dry. In addition to stop the process of peeling, mint extract will also soften and nourish your skin.

– Rub with Aloe Vera

As home remedy for peeling skin on hands, the Aloe Vera’s ability is unquestionable. Aloe Vera proved to be able to moisturize dry skin and will keep it moist. Before you rub Aloe Vera on your hands, you can enter the Aloe Vera in the refrigerator to get cold and refreshing effect while wearing them.

– Keep skin moist with a lotion

The fastest way to cool the skin that dry and peeling off is by applying lotion to moisturize the skin. Choose the lotion with natural ingredients that have a mild formula for the skin.

– Olive oil is the perfect solution

For more durable and effective moisturizer of the peeling skin on hands, use olive oil. Olive oil is able to nourish the skin and stop peeling.

– Drink water more

Other than treatment from the outside, you also have to take care of your skin from the inside. Instead, you drink 8 glasses of water per day to help improving moisturize of the skin and helps accelerate skin regeneration.

Having the smooth hands is the dream of every people, especially for women. The rough hands can be caused by the activity of washing with soap or detergent or even caused by the hard activity or physical work. If this happens to you, this is no harm if you try the tips of home remedy for peeling skin on hands above, may be useful.

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