Upper right abdominal pain after eating

Friday, February 21st 2014. | Health

What is the cause of upper right abdominal pain after eating? For some people, abdominal pain is a common problem. Everyone has felt about it. But people cannot underestimate this pain. Maybe it looks simple, but abdominal pain can be a symptom of the serious health problem. In the abdominal, there are so many organs.

This is why abdominal pain can be located at the varied place. Sometimes it is located at the lower abdominal. In the other case, the pain can be located at the upper side. The best way to handle this situation is by knowing about the cause first. After the cause has identified, people can take the right action to treat the pain.

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Pain at the upper right abdominal can be caused by a problem at the liver, gallbladder, base of the lung, kidney, segments of the intestines and diaphragm. When you face this problem, the first thing to do is checking it to the doctor. Get the right medical checkup.

Sometimes patient will get the specific medical test like ultrasound. Ultrasound can show inflammation or show gallstones in the gallbladder. Abnormal kidney stone and liver can be checked by this test too. To get the better picture, people can get A CT scan. It can show the structure of the intestine and the base of the lung.

When you feel some pain after eating, maybe there is some problem at the gallbladder or at the ducts. It happens when those organs become inflamed or blocked with the stone. But painful after eating happens in the specific situation. At the most case, patient feel it after they it a high fat meal.

Sometimes, patient get nausea and vomiting too. If the problem is related with specific food, people need to stop it. They should avoid those foods and check it to the doctor. When they know about the problem for sure, treatment for upper right abdominal pain can be made well.