Advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence

Saturday, March 22nd 2014. | Lifestyle

Getting the advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence

It is common for most people to look up at high IQ. Person with this kind of talent mostly have easy time on many academic study. But still, it is interesting to know that not the entire high IQ person really that great in their overall real life. It is possible to find the bright student to have suicide because of a single failure in the latest school test.

At this point, the high IQ surely raises the point on the meaning of the talent. For this reason, it is make sense for people to acknowledge different kind of intelligence. If you are the person who experiences many failure and simple keep trying with better attempt, it will be a simple sign for person with high emotional intelligence.

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It will be fair to acknowledge the fact for advantages and disadvantages of emotional intelligence. The advantage for having high emotional intelligence will be set on how well you will answer the challenge in life.  It is natural to get the stress for the failure. But still, the recovery rate can make a real difference.

High emotional intelligence will let you to change most of the emotional negativity into a better personal drive and motivation. The way that you choose to face against the odd will be the sign on how well your emotional intelligence level.

Despite of the advantage, those with good emotional intelligence will also understand how the emotion works on other people. For this point, it will be much easier to be another manipulative person. This bad side will only turn a nice person into another chaotic individual who prey the other.

Most of the emotional intelligence practitioner may reject this notion. The general ideas simply take that such negativity is another proof of low quality emotional intelligence. In the end, it will be up to you to deal with things.