Causes of bad breath after waking despite being toothbrush

Causes of bad breath after waking despite being toothbrush. The oral health experts often advise us to brush your teeth and tongue before bed. Even to obtain optimal results, it is advisable also gargle with mouthwash containing xylitol, triclosa, or esensia oil. This is certainly aim to prevent tooth decay due to bacteria originating from residual food stuck between teeth.

Ideally after brushing your teeth and rinse the mouth back clean. But in fact, bad breath often back, this turns out to be caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. Microbial decomposition produces a foul smell in the mouth, similar to the process that occurs in waste disposal.

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Toothpaste and mouthwash containing xylitol, triclosa, or oil esensia can indeed banish the bacteria, but the effect of these materials do not last long. Potent ingredients that repel bacteria will disappear from the mouth even when you are going to sleep.

This led to an environment conducive to the growth of the bacteria emerged again. One of the most important elements that create bad breath while we sleep is the lack of saliva production.

Saliva production slows down significantly when sleeping. Fluids are usually responsible to debilitating bacteria or transport it to the gut. As a result, the bacteria were allowed to multiply for hours and produce nasty compounds concentration that makes the smell.

Bacteria gain energy through amino acid and protein digestion. Some ingested amino acids containing sulfur and will be released when the bacteria to process it. Sulfur itself is one cause of the smell. Not only that makes bad breath, but rather a group of gases that converged into one.

Bacteria reproduce by releasing odor compounds. Odor compounds are released that make bad breath mingled among others kadaverina (smelly corpse), hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), isovaleric acid (smelly feet), methylmercaptan (fecal odor), putrescine (smell of rotten meat) and trimethylamine (fish smell).

Reduce eating foods that stimulate the emergence of bad breath. If you really want to eat it, then preferably after eating foods that cause odor (such onions), you should rinse, brush your tongue and brushing your teeth, or it chew xylitol gum to stimulate saliva.

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