dry hair home remedies, dry hair solutions, dry hair treatment, dry hair causes

Dry hair best home remedies for black hair

Best home remedies for dry hair on black hair. Has black hair, thick and shiny is a woman’s dream. If you have dry hair problems then you should know how to care for dry hair so that your hair can get back healthy. Dry hair is caused by many factors such as frequent exposure to sunlight, dry your hair with a hair dryer, too frequent or infrequent shampooing, hair chemicals in the medicine, and because of certain diseases.

Hair can be regarded as a symbol of female beauty. But what if the hair plagued by problems such as dry hair? Dry hair tends to fall off easily and the amount of hair loss can be a large amount or a lot. This is due to the possibility of error in hair care, so beauty of hair is reduced.

dry hair home remedies, dry hair solutions, dry hair treatment, dry hair causes

If you have dry hair problems then you should know how to care for dry hair so that the hair back to health. Causes of dry hair, among others: the sun, use a hair dryer, genetic, shampoo, coloring, and wrong treatment. It is easy to know the condition of your hair with a hair entering into a glass of water. If the hair is lost then your hair healthy, but if it floats your hair dry and in care needs.

Dry in Natural Hair Care

  1. Avocados used to treat dry hair. Avocado puree and use as a hair mask. Apply evenly to all parts of the scalp hair began, the base of the hair to the ends of the hair. Let stand for 20 minutes until absorbed then rinse thoroughly. Do routine 1-2 times a week.
  2. Lemon will not make the hair dry. The view of the fruit is often mistaken. Combine lemon juice water with 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply evenly through the hair like a mask. Wait for 1 hour and then rinse.

There are also eggs and coconut oil which can be used for the treatment of dry hair.

Avoid doing this to your hair

  1. If you include people who like hair care in the salon, then avoid the use of excessive hair care appliances like hair dryers and curling iron. Heating to high temperatures and often can lead to dry and damaged hair.
  2. Let my hair while sleeping. Tie your hair while sleeping can cause tangles and hair rub against each other. Scalp need oxygen to breathe so air circulation is also smooth.
  3. Washing every day can reduce the hair moisture. Oil produced by oil glands served to moisturize the hair and scalp, but if you wash it every day will dry hair. Shampooing just 2-3 days.
  4. Use a comb with hair density to avoid being separated from its roots. Comb with medium density also facilitate the easy combing to avoid tangles.

Hair care with home remedies to prevent dry hair

If you frequently treatments at the salon to help care for hair, should be suspended while it aims to avoid and prevent the hair from the use of tools which can damage your hair as a hair dryer, a chemical commonly used for hair masks, hair curlers, etc. .

Such tools are commonly used for hair care with temperatures high enough can damage the development and growth of hair so the hair easier to dry which leads to hair fall out easily.

Try treating your hair with home remedies and use of natural materials that exist around us, because a lot of natural ingredients that can be used as alternatives best choice for hair care, for example lemon, avocado, lime, etc.. Let your hair rediscover its beauty and hair can grow optimally.

There are many problems that can occur on the hair, such as oily hair, damaged hair, split ends, hair loss, etc.. Hair does require extra attention, one of which dry hair. Natural ingredients are best home remedies to treat dry hair.

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