Excessive exercise or overtraining can trigger free radical

Trigger free radical

Overtraining can trigger free radical – dmatxi.com. One part of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. If the exercise done in a proper way, you can ward off free radicals into the body and cause disease. But if done the wrong way, exercise will actually cause the disease in the long run. It is not advised to do the exercise with excessive frequency (overtraining) and cause you’re too tired. Excessive exercise will generate free radicals in the body that could potentially cause disease. Avoid sport until struggling.

Free radicals can be caused by external factors, such as tobacco, chemicals, UV light, food, and pollutants. However, there are also internal factors that can produce free radicals that are harmful to the body. Free radicals can also be produced when we breathe, but the amount can still be tolerated. These free radicals are formed as byproducts of oxidation or combustion processes in the body. However, the amount of free radicals that are produced can not be tolerated anymore body when the body is already doing heavy work such as excessive exercise.

Overtraining can trigger free radical, avoid overtraining, causes of free radical

Overtraining trigger chronic diseases

Overtraining will make the body needs oxygen supply is very much that this will lead to an increase in free radicals in the body. If the style of such exercise was conducted with a frequency that often, there will be a buildup of free radicals in the body that would lead to chronic diseases such as heart attacks and cancer. In addition to these diseases, free radicals can also adversely affect the skin, and can make the skin become damaged and cause premature aging.

Avoid the buildup of free radicals, avoid overtraining

To avoid the buildup of free radicals in the body, avoid overtraining. If you’re feeling tired, you should rest a bit and set it to normal breathing. In order to maximize, adjust your diet as well. Consumption of various foods that contain antioxidants. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly to prevent the formation of free radicals in the body.

All that much would upset the balance of human life. Sports is no exception. If you include people who like to push yourself during exercise in order to quickly lose weight fast or want more healthy, because of excessive caution in the exercise can also make the body produce more free radicals. Exercising above the normal dose will tired the body. A clinical nutrition specialist confirmed this, beyond the normal limits exercise produce free radicals that caused the disease. Reduce the frequency of overtraining.

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