How does resistance training prevent Osteoporosis

Saturday, February 22nd 2014. | Diseases

How does resistance training prevent Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis haunts many people. For adult people, it is like time bomb. It may appear suddenly and change their life. For now, the most people do not ever think about this health problem. But if they underestimate it for a long time, it will be too late.

There are so many ways to prevent osteoporosis. One of them is resistance training. But there is a little doubt about this method. Osteoporosis or low bone mass is not just related with the strong bone. Flexibility affects to the health of the bone too. This is why people need to reach those aspects to get away from osteoporosis and the risks.

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Resistance training or muscle loading activities is really important. When people do it with discipline, it will improve the strength, the stability, the balance and the coordination that prevent injuries and reduce the joint stress. To do it, people can get resistance exercise with dumbbells or elastic bands. The other strengthening equipment can be used to get the strong and bones too.

Cardiovascular can help too. Walking, light jogging, skating, hiking, dancing and low impact aerobic classes will be helpful too. You do not need to do it so hard. In a week, you can walk at least for three times. In the rare case, non-weight bearing activities like swimming and biking can provide bone mineral density too.

Before workout, people need to note it. Make sure to take warm up and stretch the bone and the muscle. After you finish it, you also need to cool down and stretch again. Get exercise is good. But overdoing can give the opposite effect. It can inhibit bone growth. For this, people need to know about their limit. When they reach the limit, they need to stop it and take a rest. Get enough rest is also necessary. It helps people to prevent stress.

Exercise will help maintain your bone density. Besides exercise can strengthen your muscles and help balance your posture so that the likelihood of fracture (broken bone) is smaller. Sports is the easiest way to stay healthy, including in the prevention of osteoporosis.