How to care for scalp and hair in infants

How to care for your scalp and hair in infants. Not only adults who require hair care, baby hair also requires care in order to hair in infants remain healthy. Although just a little hair on the baby, does not mean you should ignore hair care in order to grow thick and healthy. Unlike the adult hair, baby hair requires special handling. To care for hair and scalp in baby’s , you can wash it routinely and regularly as needed.

Hair care for newborn babies. However, if your baby’s scalp is scaly, you need to washed her every day. To wash baby’s hair, you should use baby shampoo, baby hair in accordance with conditions which may vary. Baby shampoo that will either be able to clean up the oil and crust on the baby’s scalp and hair. In addition, babies can also make hair softer, easily combed and not easily tangled.

Hair care for newborn babies

If after washed her, but your baby’s hair still scaly or crusty. You need to consult the dermatologist. Since the first day of birth, hair your baby can be washed. Baby hair needs to be washed every day, or at least 3 to 4 times a week. to keep the scalp and hair that is not filled with dead skin cells and impurities that accumulate which could cause the crust or scales on the scalp.

How to shampoo hair in infants

First you need to do is, prepare shampoo, wash cloth, and other bath fixtures for which if necessary. You can bathe your baby first, before washed her hair. You can also do a light massage when the washed baby hair.

After that, rinse the baby’s scalp and hair thoroughly with slowly. When you wash your hair your child, point sweep from front to back. Keep the water flowing backwards.

Next, dry the body, your baby’s skin and hair. If necessary, you can put it hair lotion. To use the hair cosmetics such as hair tonic and hair style to the hair of the child, because the baby’s skin is more sensitive. When you get signs of irritation such as redness, or itching on the baby’s scalp, you need to stop using the hair cosmetics for a while.

Once the baby is big enough, you can try to put it again. However, the condition of the scalp and normal hair, baby shampoo alone, is enough to clean the baby’s scalp and hair.

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