How to cope with children with autism

How to cope with children with autism. Autism or “Spectrum Autistid Disosder” is caused by a disturbance in brain function. And the cause of autism in children itself until now unknown. But clearly the child with autism typically have difficulty in communicating with others or in terms of social relations with the surroundings. They are more focused on themselves without caring for others.

And children with autism usually be difficult to concentrate and focus on one thing, he will switch when invited to talk, so this is what makes it difficult in interaction and communication. Children with autistic symptoms can be seen when he was under 3 years old.

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Symptoms that can be detected in patients with autism

  • He will be avoiding eye contact with the speaker when spoken to.
  • If it will be embraced, the child will resist.
  • It is difficult to speak and understand verbal communication. Little vocabulary and sometimes say the words that make no sense.
  • They are more fun to play by yourself and do not like to play with other children. If they could talk they would tend to speak for themselves.
  • In some cases, children with autism will be active but the movement did not aim and repetitive, such as spinning.
  • Emotional instability, crying or angry for no reason and when angry then he would rampage and break things.

If parents find these symptoms in children, you should consult with your doctor to make sure. If that child is suffering from autism, the benefits that can be done is to provides therapeutic, because it provides therapeutic treatment in autistic patients is better than giving medication, especially if the child is still young and is still in its infancy. The purpose of giving this therapy, so that children can focus on one thing and be able to socialize and communicate well.

Frequently encourage children to talk, and when the child begins to turn when invited to talk, then directed her face gently toward you so that her look at your eyes. Must always give affection to them even though it is not easy to take care of them. Because they are a priceless treasure, and they are entitled to a genuine affection from us.

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