Causes and home remedies for itchy red eyes

How to cope with itchy red eyes at home? If you continue to experience itchy red eyes, do not ignore it because it could be a symptom of severe eye problems. Article describes the causes of itchy red eyes and watery, and information methods of treatment for red itchy eyes and watery.

Exposure to sunlight and dust are a common cause of itchy red eyes. On the other hand, a person suffering from colds and flu may also experience itchy eyes and watery. Experience itching of the eyes and watery red eyes can be a symptom of eye problems or allergies.

Causes of itchy red eyes and watery

Along with red eyes, if you have other symptoms such as swelling, heat eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, etc., then surely it makes uncomfortable. If you frequently experience, it is best to get treatment quickly before it gets worse. Here we will review and get to know about the causes of itchy red eyes.

Causes of itchy red eyes and watery

  • Allergies are caused by airborne allergens is one of the common causes of itchy eyes. Eye Allergies can be caused due to various causes such as exposure to dust, mold, dry air, and toxic gases. On the other hand, some people actually have an allergy to eye drops are used to treat dry eyes.
  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva or the outer membranes of the eyes called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis caused by viral or bacterial infection and it can spread easily from one person to another. Redness, itching, watery eyes are common symptoms of conjunctivitis.
  • Strain on the eye muscles is also one of the conditions that cause itchy eyes, red eyes and dry eyes. Reading for hours or working on a computer for a long time is a significant cause of muscle tension. On the other hand, not enough sleep or insomnia can also cause eye fatigue.
  • Glaucoma is one of the most serious causes, itchy, red and dry eyes also become one of the leading causes of blindness in people. The disease is caused by increased pressure within the eye, which causes damage to the optic nerve. Blurred vision and red eyes are the symptoms of glaucoma. If the condition is left untreated for a long time, it can lead to permanent blindness.

How to treat itchy red eyes and watery

If someone is experiencing itchy red eyes too often, then it should consult a doctor immediately diagnosed. It is important to identify the exact cause of allergies completely. However, if you suffer from an allergic reaction, there are medications available that can help to relieve allergies.

Conjunctivitis can also be treated with the help of medication and eye drops. However, people who suffer from conjunctivitis should be isolated to prevent the spread of infectious eye disease. Treatment of glaucoma depends on the extent to which the disease has spread.

In the early stages, eye drops and other medications may be helpful, but in more severe cases surgery may be required. Splash water on your face or gently massage around the eye with a finger also assist in overcoming the tired eyes.

Home remedies for itchy red eyes

Cucumber; Cold slices of cucumber can also be used to treat itchy and red eyes. The trick is to slice the cucumbers thin and transverse then place on the eyes and let until the cucumber dry and replaced after the cucumber slices have dried up. Cucumber slices are very effective for treating itchy eyes because cucumber is believed to contain a refreshing anti-irritant.

Potato; As with cucumber slices, raw potato slices can also be used to treat itchy and red eyes. The trick is to thinly slicing fresh and cold potatoes and place them on the eyes. Potatoes will make the eyes become relaxed and cool too so the itch is slowly disappearing.

Betel leaf; Betel leaf has long been believed to overcome eye irritation such as itching and red eyes. The trick is to take a number of betel leaves then boiled with water to boiling. Let the boiled water to cool down after that soak the face with eyes open. Eye irritation will heal. This method is quite effective to overcome itchy and red eyes.

By always maintaining moisture and eye hygiene can also avoid the eyes of various infections and irritations. Therefore, always clean the eyes will be safe for his health, if necessary use eye drops that can be taken anywhere and can be used anytime as first aid when mild irritation occurs.

The eyes are often infected with dirt and also dust, resulting in red eyes accompanied by itching. Bad habit of rubbing the eyes when itching will actually worsen the eye condition not only getting red, eyes will also feel hot and also watery. For that when the eye irritation is expected to not rubbed the eyes in a long time.

Eye infections are caused by many things and all can be overcome by doing a number of therapies naturally. However, to overcome the itchy and red eyes need to be known a number of causes of occurrence because if there is eye irritation there are several layers of eyes that will be infected.

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