Abdominal pain right side when urinating

Sunday, February 23rd 2014. | Health

What is the cause of abdominal pain right side when urinating.  Have you ever experienced certain problem such as pain within your right side of abdominal when urinating? Well, pain within your abdominal region can spread around for the entire part of your abdominal if you ignore this problem. You should know that your abdominal has four parts including lower left, left sides, right sides, and also upper right.

The most common part suffering from pain is the right side. Your understanding about the problem can determine mostly about how you can provide treatment to such pain. You need also to understand that the medication or remedies should be suited with the condition of the pain actually.

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First thing to learn is about the symptoms of such right abdominal pain. The symptoms may vary out there. It may include the abdominal swelling, constipation, excessive gas buildup, nausea, vomiting, losing of appetite, fever, bloody diarrhea, and others. In women, the symptoms may include the bleeding, discharge, back pain, and also even blood in urine.

This may indicate serious healthy problems actually. Next thing to know is about the causes. There are many causes of such abdominal pain actually. First is the constipation. Therefore, you don’t want to suffer from such problem, you need to pay attention more on your dietary consumption especially by taking benefits from any fiber foods.

Next common cause is the bowel cancer. It seems so much troublesome for your right? This actually is very rare case of cancer. This usually occurs in elderly. The symptoms may include the loss of appetite, loss of weight, and also change of habits within bowel.

There is also cause such as hernia. The right sided hernia can become the trigger of your right side abdominal pain actually. There are still many other causes including kidney stones, endometriosis, and others. Just conduct further review about it. If you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible. These are the basic causes of right side abdominal pain.

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