Cause of abdominal pain, abdominal pain when urinating, Avoid abdominal pain

Cause of abdominal pain when urinating

What is the cause of abdominal pain when urinating. Abdominal pain relieved urinating. For the most people, there is nothing strange about abdominal pain. When they feel it, they never think it so serious. They think it is just heartburn. Actually this is not wrong.

In the fact, abdominal pain caused by heartburn. But if the abdominal pain happens after urinating, the cause can be different. When you get this problem, you have to check it soon. Visit the doctor and consult it. Doctor will ask some question about the pain. The question is including the location of the pain.

Cause of abdominal pain, abdominal pain when urinating, Avoid abdominal pain

To sharpen the diagnosis, doctor will recommend medical checkup. From here, they can see the problem. But if the abdominal pain is relieved after urinate, you do not need to worry it. In the most case, it just stomach upset. But you still have to check it.

Like people know, abdominal pain can be a signal of gallstones. Abdominal pain after urinate can be a symptom for this disease. But it is still in the green zone. It means the risk is so low. Even it is in the lowest risk.

When you feel this pain, you can try to change your position. But if it does not help to relieve the pain, it can be an indication of a blockage. The most serious problem happens when you feel abdominal pain within 20 up to 30 minutes after you eat fatty food, the risk of gallstone is in the red zone. This is the highest risk area. If you are in this position, keep a log and ask to the doctor soon.

Avoid abdominal pain is so possible. You can avoid it with the simple ways like eat the healthy food and get enough exercise. The result of these tips is not instant. At first, the change looks not too significant. But if you do it with discipline, abdominal pain will be reduced even disappear.

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