Fruits that can be useful to prevent acne

Fruits that can be useful to prevent acne

Fruits that can be useful to prevent acne. Most people do not know more clearly about the effect of the fruit to prevent acne. So far, it has many ways to prevent or treat acne that arise. Here we will find out the benefits of fruits for prevention of acne.

Acne is defined as a blockage of oil glands in the skin of humans. The skin parts most visited acne is the upper arm, back, upper chest, neck and face. Most who experience acne problems are the young people and adults.

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There are so many ways to prevent acne arising on the human skin, but you should look for a good alternative because it is very influential in the skin itself. If you are wrong the tackle, the skin will experience severe infection, pus and boils out and the term can also be deformed or scarred.

Various alternatives or good tips to prevent acne and one using fruit. Fruits consumed are still kind of fresh and healthy, these fruits will be very much antioxidants. Antioxidants will be able to prevent and eliminate acne.

Prevent acne using apples

Apple is a fruit that is famous and a favorite all over the world. But this time apple has other benefits besides consumed as usual. Apples are considered to eliminate and prevent acne is troubling. But apples are not consumed this time, but it is made into a mask.

Ingredients such as apples, citrus fruit lemon (squeezed and take water) and a few celery stalks. Celery and apple blended and then added lemon juice.

Prevent acne using Garlic

Not only are apples can prevent acne. Preventing acne can also use garlic. Usefulness of garlic could eventually overcome the kind of acne that have been flushed in our skin.

As already known that in the garlic itself contains vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium, Essential Oils, and Sulfur. Its influence in dealing with acne is due to the garlic there is an anti-bacterial that can heal, drying up until can reduce the growth of acne scars.

Not just stop there, as also influential for facial treatments can prevent acne that does not arise again. Clean regularly with a good face and right face though is completely free of acne. Surely the application of a healthy lifestyle is still the mainstay in preventing acne. Because by adopting a healthy lifestyle and the body becomes better able to avoid various diseases including acne.

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