Laser surgery for varicose veins removal

How to remove varicose veins of the legs by means of an effective and safe? Varicose veins are one of the diseases that occur in the area around the foot. Varicose veins are veins or in terms of the function known as venous blood return the rest of the metabolism of all body tissues back to the heart.

Varicose veins can cause the blood circulation becomes blocked in the area around the legs and calves as a result of standing and walking upright in a long time, which will increase the pressure on the veins in the lower body.

Laser surgery for varicose veins removal

Signs and symptoms of this is the emergence of primary varicose veins are bluish that seems obvious, wide and winding. The sufferer may also feel pain, swelling, weight and pain in the legs, especially calves. Until in some cases, changes, swelling to ulcers in the ankle.

For most sufferers, varicose veins may be a minor nuisance that only interfere physically, but varicose veins can also potentially cause pain and discomfort can even turn into a serious condition, for which you should get proper treatment. Varicose veins can be caused by a decreased level of elasticity in the walls of veins (veins), causing the veins to weaken and can not afford the rest of the blood flow to the heart.

Varicose veins treatment with laser surgery

If ever the treatment of varicose veins is so frightening, patients are now able to perform the treatment with the laser. Namely, the laser light wave entering into the veins. This was conveyed by a team of Vascular Center Hospital Premier Bintaro in an event ‘5th Indonesian Vascular (Inavasc V) and 1st Indonesian Venous Forum’.

“The procedure under local anesthesia, then we insert the wire into the vein. At the wire, the laser beam is delivered. So, dilated veins are exposed to laser light will be burning, and shrink,” said Ismon

“Because of shrinking, the width of the veins become covered,” said he added. According Ismon, if the main cause of varicose vein is closed, blood flow will be normal flow. “In our feet, there are thousands of veins. If we discard any damaged, will not be a problem while the others do not get damaged,” said Ismon explained.

For the price of a laser treatment of varicose veins is still a problem in itself. However, it should be known that the use of lasers only for severe varicose veins. For relatively mild varicose veins, in which a still small and has not been problematic, the patient can perform treatment with the use of stockings and sclerotherapy to seal veins.

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