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What causes of oily hair problem in women

Causes of oily hair problems in women can be caused by several things. May be the oily hair problem occurs after washing, early pregnancy, or it may happen because of stress. There are several ways of hair care for women, but there are some problems that can interfere include oily hair. Causes of oily hair problem in women may occur for several reasons.

Have you ever felt if had been shampooing every day, but it still feels limp hair because of excess oil production? This condition is very annoying. Moreover, excess oil can easily trigger the growth of dandruff. Not only oily hair problem, but also oily scalp.

oily hair in women, oily hair black women, causes oily hair problem, oily hair solutions, oily hair after washing

You must perform a variety of ways to cope with oily hair, including buying the care products. Before doing so, it would be better if you know the major trigger of oily hair. Prevent a lot better, that is by avoiding the triggers of oily hair.

Many hair problems can be experienced by people based on some reasons and the hair problems also varies from one person to another. One of the hair problems which most talked is by having oily hair. Naturally, our body can produce a waxy substance from sebaceous glands and it has function to keep the hair being flexible and soft.

The overproduction of sebum because of the body has more sebaceous glands make the hair becomes oily. Hormones or genetic influence the excessive production of waxy substances and mostly happened during puberty in which the unstable hormonal production happens.

The Causes of Oily Hair

Scientifically, the excessive production of sebum causes the greasy hair but it has causes behind the excessive production. The body is influenced by nutrition in conducting the metabolism including the oil production and other substances. The less consumption of nutrition such as liquid, fiber and vegetables will make unbalance substances inside the body and affect the parts of body.

When someone has bad eating habits like consuming fatty meals, it tends to have more risks in experiencing greasy hair. Self-hygiene ad healthy lifestyle will also influence the body in producing the substance include sebum which causes greasy hair.

Controlling Oily Hair

If you have problem with greasy hair, it better to at least control the problem or you can try removing the problem although sometimes greasy hair can remedially happen. The way you can trick this situation is by controlling the production of waxy substances. You should use only shampoo for greasy hair and avoid using moisture enriching shampoo.

Avoid any actions near the scalps which stimulating oil production like deep conditioning, gel and pomade using. Besides that, you should not use oil-based cosmetics because it also stimulates the oil production to entire body and better avoid consuming fatty foods and choose vegetables for daily consumption.

Causes of oily hair problem in women

– The consumption of fatty foods. For those of you who like fatty foods or contain a lot of oil and preservatives, do not be surprised if the hair is always oily. That’s because, as reported from totalbeauty.com, these foods make the body remove excess oil content in your body.

– Hair styling products. The use of hair styling products, so one of the main causes of the hair is very oily. If you apply some of the products on the surface of the hair, it will accumulate in the scalp. No matter if you are wearing a hair styling products, but make sure it is not excessive and sticking the scalp.

– Too often combed. Other triggers are too often combed hair. In fact, when you combing, you actually distribute the natural oils in the scalp to the hair surface. When it is done too often, then the result will look very oily hair.

These are some of the causes of oily hair in women. If preventing the trigger, you will be protected from oily hair. For already experienced, you can try to how to cope with oily hair problem naturally. With this article I hope you get a solution to the problem cause oily hair.

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