Causes of lower abdominal pain during pregnancy

Thursday, October 24th 2013. | Health

Pregnancy preparation is not just a problem psychic, physical problems had to be prepared as well, because many distractions that you will experience during pregnancy, one of which is lower abdominal pain. Would sometimes occur during pregnancy lower abdominal pain problem.

Lower abdominal pain is very disturbing in pregnant women because it feels like a pulled stomach harshly. This condition often disrupt your sleep frequency, sleep becomes uncomfortable so you keep awake.

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But in fact this condition is normal because when lower abdominal pain means that the baby was looking for a way out, when the position of the baby’s head already down.

Usually are, the lower pain condition during pregnancy is when the final trimester of pregnancy, where the baby’s head has entered the pelvis and ready to push him out so as to give the effect of pain in the lower abdomen.

Way to relieve pain is to sleep as comfortable as possible, one of which is tilted to the left and be backed with thin cushions. Sleeping position is expected to continue to change, do not be too often to the left or too often to the right.

When at work, do not be too much sitting. Every 30-45 minutes or so take the time to stand up and walk every few minutes. Do a pregnancy exercise because there are specific movements final trimester are useful for overcoming lower abdominal pain during pregnancy.

At the time of the pregnancy 8-9 months, lower abdominal pain and you will be many times to the toilet to urinate. Although lower abdominal pain during pregnancy is normal, you should also be aware of the following abdominal pain:

– Accompanied by cramping abdominal pain in a long time.
– Pain in the upper abdomen or stomach. This pain is usually accompanied by headache and disorders of the eye (eye blurry).
– Pain due to uterine contractions that cause preterm labor.

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