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How to make a healthy and beautiful lips using foods

Here are some tips that some women can do to make the lips beautiful and healthy. There are several ways that can be used to create beautiful and healthy lips. Lips that beautiful and healthy, of course every woman desire it, because it that the lips are one of the most important point to make women look more beautiful.

Thus many women are trying to beautify the lips in many ways, including lipstick and some other cosmetics. Using lipstick and cosmetic to get healthy and beautiful lip. But you can also create a beautiful and healthy lips using food ingredients. Some foods that can make a beautiful and healthy lips.

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make the lips beautiful and healthy

Lips are a unique part of the skin, because it is not equipped with oil glands and sweat to keep the moisture. The lips also have thinner skin than other parts, allowing the blood vessels to be seen. To make your lips beautiful and healthy you can try some foods to make it red.

How to redden your lips

Throw away dead skin cells on the surface of the lips can be done to get the red lips flushed. In the absence of dead skin cells, the epidermis will be more stimulated in forming new collagen. The growth of new collagen is quite useful in slowing the aging process. The more red, the more beautiful lips.

In addition to whitening teeth naturally, it turns out toothpaste is also quite efficacious for reddening the lips. Toothpaste is enriched with magnesium, selenium, calcium, potassium, and other natural minerals that are good enough to accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells.


Foods that can make a healthy and beautiful lips

Honey, sweet taste gives a distinctive sweet flavor of its own, has no doubt that the usefulness of honey in the health field, many nutrients contained in them. In terms of beauty, honey is also efficacious to prevent dry lips and cracking, and make your lips look more fresh and natural red. To use it you simply rub it on your lips on a regular basis, if you need to do each day to get maximum results.

Salmon, healthy fat content in salmon flesh will provide nutrients to the surface of your skin and lips, because the salmon meat containing EPA and DHA are good for the health of your skin and lips, so that the skin and your lips look more rosy.

Lemon fruit, vitamin C in lemons can provide nutrition to the health of your lips, so it can brighten and refresh your lips naturally.

Mineral water, is often forgotten by most people and are considered trivial, but water is needed to stabilize the metabolism and prevent your body from dehydration that can cause your lips chapped because of lack of fluids. By drinking water, you can prevent your lips from becoming dull and dry.

Some foods that can make a beautiful and healthy lips, you can use as your reference to make your lips healthy. Because in addition to getting treatment from the outside, your lips would require the intake of nutrients. Brighten lips will make your lips look more beautiful. Overcome the black and unhealthy lips with natural ingredients to make the lips beautiful and healthy.

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