How to Prevent and Cope With Dental Caries Using Fluoride

How to prevent and cope with dental caries using fluoride – Teeth are the most dense tissue than others. The structure is layered starting from a very harsh email, dentine (tooth bone) in it, the pulp which contains veins, nerves vessels, and other parts that strengthen teeth. However, teeth are the body’s tissues are easily damaged. This occurs when the teeth are not getting proper care.

Caries (Cavitation) is a region that decayed in the teeth, which occurs as a result of a process that gradually dissolves the email (outer tooth surfaces that hard) and growing to the inside of the tooth. If not treated by a dentist, dental caries will continue to grow and eventually cause tooth loss.

The process begins with the presence of tooth decay or cavities called dental caries. Dental caries is the damage limited to the dental tissue from the tooth enamel to spread to the dentin (bone tooth).

Email structure largely determines the process of caries. Just to note, outer enamel surface more resistant to caries than the layer below it, because it is denser and harder. To maintain this hardness, email desperate need of a chemical called fluoride ions.

Caries propagation initially occurs in the email. If not cleaned and not immediately patched, caries will spread down to get to the pulp chamber that contains nerves and veins vessels, causing pain and eventually the tooth can numb.

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Causative factor in dental caries

Factors that cause dental caries is the form of irregular teeth and saliva a lot of and viscous, irregular teeth and saliva that many would facilitate the occurrence of caries. Caries is also caused by bacteria. The bacteria that cause caries is types of Streptococcus and Lactobacillus.

Foods that are easy sticky and stuck in my teeth like candy and chocolate, facilitate the occurrence of caries. In addition, caries also be caused by factors of oral hygiene level and the disease being suffered such as diabetes and tuberculosis.

Teeth are easily attacked by dental caries is child’s teeth. This is because the structure of the teeth is thinner and smaller than the adult teeth (permanent teeth). Care of children’s teeth are damaged, including difficult. In addition it also requires time and money is not small.

Fluoride is a much needed layer of email, has long believed and widely used for prevention of dental caries. Fluoride effective when administered at the time of growth and dental development, from early pregnancy until after delivery.

Than through drinking water, there is still another way in providing fluorine such as through the provision of fluoride in tablet form, can be through salt, milk, or vitamins. It could be through a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Fluorine can also be found in various types of food. In general, fluoride is found in vegetables, fruits, beverages, fish, and meat. But the highest levels found in anchovies, mustard, and tea.

If the decay stops before it reaches the dentin, the email can get better by itself and the white spots on teeth will disappear. If the decay has reached the dentin, the part rotting teeth must be removed and replaced with a filling (restoration).

Treat decay at an early stage can help to maintain the strength of teeth and minimize the possibility of damage to the pulp. This is how to prevent and cope with dental caries using fluoride.

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