Solutions and Ways Overcome the Problems of Sensitive Teeth

Solutions and ways overcome the problems of sensitive teeth – Sensitive teeth is a general term used to indicate the presence of hypersensitive dentine due to depletion of the enamel, gums and the opening of dentin decline, a layer under the enamel.

Pain associated with tooth sensitivity occurs in the nerve, the pain of sensitive teeth is not always the case, there is a transient and temporary but periodic. Pain not stop may be a sign of more serious problems. However, it is important for you to consult these symptoms with your dentist to determine the causes and subsequent treatments, because of this problem would be very disturbing if not followed up.

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Patients excessive when brushing your teeth, habit brushing with excessive pressure can make the gums become irritated or gum from the neck down teeth, over time the roots of the teeth will be open (gingival recession), neck cavities, enamel layer thickness would be reduced so that when drinking cold water, sour / sweet or even toothbrush bristles touched will feel pain.

Oral hygiene / bad oral cavity, the buildup of plaque or tartar, which is a gathering place for germs in the oral cavity. Gradually tartar can irritate the gums causing the gums to bleed easily, bad breath is not good. The formation of tooth enamel is less than perfect (ename hypoplasia) may also occur in certain individuals. This situation will make your teeth become sensitive.

Food impaction / buildup of food debris in the area meeting your teeth with teeth / tooth contact. These leftovers infiltrate through the neck of the tooth and difficult to reach toothbrush so it will be difficult to remove, over time the accumulation will be more and more, pressing the gum pockets deeper than normal. Broadly speaking, the causes of sensitive teeth is the reduction of the gums, poor oral hygiene (OH -), bleaching (whitening tooth surface), erosion of email, and brushing your teeth too strong.

Prevent of sensitive teeth

Prevention of sensitive teeth can be done. To prevent the teeth become sensitive, the key is to reduce excess pressure when brushing teeth, use brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush and brush my teeth the right way, using a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, teeth checked regularly to the dentist, and try not to drink / eat hot and cold at the same time.

Using toothpaste that contains strontium chloride, potassium nitrate, fluoride or rinse his mouth with mouthwash can treat sensitive teeth. According to the researchers these substances are capable of forming bonds and cover the surface of the pore with crystallization in the crown of the tooth nerve many vessels (dentine tubuli) / tooth root surface exposed, so as to eliminate the complaints of sensitive teeth.

In cavities, you should do the fillings. Fillings are made of different materials and put in gear or in the vicinity. Silver amalgam fillings are the most widely used for back teeth, because it is very strong and the color is not visible from the outside. Silver amalgam is relatively inexpensive and last up to 14 years. Gold fillings are more expensive, but more powerful and can be used on a very large caries.

The mixture of resin and porcelain are used for front teeth, because the color is close to the color of teeth, so not too visible from the outside. This material is more expensive than silver amalgam and not durable, especially on back teeth used for chewing.

Glass ionomer is a patch with the same color as teeth. This material is formulated to release fluoride, which gives an advantage over the people who tend to suffer from decay at the gum line. Glass ionomer is also used to replace damaged areas due to excessive tooth brushing. This is solutions and ways overcome the problems of sensitive teeth.

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