The benefits of emotional intelligence on improving quality of life

The benefits of emotional intelligence on improving quality of life. Emotions are not just happening in your life. You assume that feelings of anger, fear, sadness, pleasure, hate, love, enthusiasm, boredom, and so is the result of, or just your response to the events that happen to you.

Talking about emotions that are closely linked to emotional intelligence itself where a person’s ability to motivate yourself. Many experts believe that emotional intelligence (EQ) is high will be very beneficial effect on improving the quality of life better, so that life can give an infinite value.

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Here are the benefits of emotional intelligence (EQ):

Cope with stress; Stress is the pressure arising from the burden of life and can be experienced by anyone. Tolerance to stress is the ability to withstand adverse events and stressful situations. People who are emotionally intelligent are able to face the difficulties of life with head held high, strong and not washed away by strong emotions.

Impulse control (restraint); A characteristic emotion to delay pleasure for a moment to get better results. Impulse control is one of the art of patience and pain or difficulty exchanged today with a far greater pleasure in the future.

Managing mood; An emotional capabilities which include the ability to remain calm in any atmosphere, eliminating the anxiety that arises, deal with grief or make peace with something annoying. According to “Aristotle”, it is easy to be angry but to be angry with the right person, the right level, the time, the purpose of the proper way can only be done by people who are emotionally intelligent.

Can motivate yourself; People who are able to motivate themselves will tend to be highly productive and effective in any case. There are so many ways to motivate yourself, among others with a lot of reading books or articles positive, stay focused on your dreams, evaluate themselves, and continue to do self introspection.

Having social skills; People that intelligent emotionally are able to establish relationships with anyone. Someone who has the social skills to get along with, fun and tolerance towards others.

Being able to understand others; Recognizing and respecting others is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. It’s called empathy. The gains from understanding others is our more choice about how to behave and have a better chance to communicate and establish good relationships with others.

How to improve emotional intelligence. One important aspect of emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions in oneself and others. And use it as the right information. For example, emotional intelligence in yourself can help you organize and manage your emotions, while recognizing other people’s emotions to create empathy and success in your relationships, both personal relationships and professional relationships.

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