Guava benefits to health

Guava benefits for health. Guava has a lot of vitamin content, such as iron, folic acid, vitamin A, B, C. Guava also has lots of fiber. Did you know that vitamin C is found in guava, 2 times greater than the amount of vitamin C contained in citrus fruits.

Most people assume guava can only help accelerate cure disease dengue fever alone. In fact, this addition guava fruit is rich in vitamin C and also has many health benefits that have not been known. According to some health experts, guava has many benefits. Starting from a simple disease to severe disease like cancer.

best health benefits of eating Guava fruit, Guava Health Benefits and Nutrition

Guava fruit has a sweet taste, although there is also a very sour taste. Seeds are tough, and very many small pieces. However, now there are varieties which taste very sweet and almost seedless.

Here are some health benefits of guava

  1. Lose weight. Fiber and vitamins contained in guava fruit can help you to lose weight. Fiber content makes you feel full, so it will reduce your meal portions.
  2. Reduce acne on the face. The content in guava Artrigen can improve the texture of your skin, but it also has a anti-aging substances that can reduce acne so that your skin will look cleaner and brighter.
  3. Lowering cholesterol levels. Guava also has pectin substances that can dissolve in water. Substances in guava can help you in lowering cholesterol.
  4. Cure diarrhea. Astrigen in guava is an anti-bacterial substance that can prevent the development of bacteria in the event of dysentery. In addition, vitamin C and potassium on guava leaves can also inhibit the growth of staphylococcus bacteria and ecoli cause diarrhea.
  5. Cure the flu. Guava contains iron and vitamin C can help cure the flu virus by liquefying mucus which acts as a disinfectant in the respiratory tract.
  6. Lowering blood sugar. Guava, both fruit and leaves can lower blood sugar levels in the body, so it can be a healing herbal medicine diabetes. Substances in guava can increase the production of the hormone insulin, the hormone insulin is useful to convert the sugar glucose in the blood into the muscles and reduce blood sugar levels.
  7. Prevent constipation. Fibers contained in guava is a potent laxative, so as to prevent constipation and to optimize the health of the digestive tract.

Turns guava fruit has many benefits, you do not have to buy expensive fruits to get good nutrition because guava benefits for health also better.

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