clean mattress from urine, remove urine stain from mattress

How to clean your mattress from urine

Your mattress so dirty due to urine? How to clean your mattress from urine? Having children has become part of the fun in life. But the problem you are likely to rise with the condition of young children. They can be incontinent and leave marks on the mattress. Wash all bedding, bed linen and all the fabric on top of the mattress will not be enough to remove all the stains.

Urine stains be difficult to clean if you keep putting it off. Prevention first to leave not so urine stain is to absorb it. You can put a clean towel to absorb the liquid urine around the mattress. Make sure that the water you use is not a new stain spreading. Then follow steps how to clean your mattress from urine.

clean mattress from urine, remove urine stain from mattress

  1. Do you have vinegar and detergent? And when you get new urine stains then use these two materials. The first step is you have to absorb the urine stain with detergent soap. Use a clean towel or sponge that absorbs water. After that, repeat this step with the clean water. Dampen a towel which will be used to absorb urine. After that use the vinegar on the stain urine. Absorb all these parts using a clean towel. Vinegar not only removes stains but also the smell of urine left.
  2. Do you have old urine stains that accumulate on the mattress? You can remove the stains on the mattress with baking soda. Maybe you do not realize when it happened, but take hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water. Mix these three ingredients with dose one glass of water, one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of baking soda. After that, give it to the urine stains. Do not immediately absorb by the towel; you have to make it work approximately one hour. After that absorption with a towel or sponge. Clean and dry with a vacuum and a clean look at your mattress.
  3. Do you have cleaned the mattress from urine? But you cannot lift a pungent odor. Take it easy, if you have baking soda, then spread to all parts of the mattress. After that, wrap the sheets and you can wear as a regular mattress. After one day then lift the sheets and washing. All the stubborn stains and odors will be lifted by the sheets and vacuum all the mattress.

Urine became one of the stains that are difficult to clean if you let the stain persist for a long time. It is a stain that contains proteins that can cause odors and stains are very uncomfortable. With a few simple ways above then you can clean the mattress. If you feel you are still unsure then use some materials bacteria repellent and drying mattress under the sun. This method will also make all the smells that might be left behind.

As a precaution so that you do not continue to do all the steps continuously then you can also use vinyl so that the urine of the children did not get to bed. You simply put it on the mattress and clean the vinyl in an easy way. So, these are just a few easy tips for how to clean your mattress from urine.

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