How to effectively improve concentration and memory

Improve concentration and memory

How to effectively improve concentration and memory. If you often feel hard to understand the material, or a lot wrong in the work on the task, it could be the cause is due to lack of concentration. To solve the problem, you need to identify effective ways to improve concentration in learning. Improve brain memory and increase intelligence and concentration.

How to improve brain memory and concentration that you can read in full along with some tips that can help you to overcome any health problems. Below you can read an article about how to improve brain memory and concentration are clear and easy for you to practice.

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How to improve concentration and brain memory

1. Chewing gum; Chewing gum apparently not only serves to freshen the mouth or eliminate boredom alone. But it can also increase the concentration. Research suggests, students who chewed gum containing either sugar or sugar free, tend to have a high level of concentration and can work on difficult tasks, compared to the group that did not chew gum. With mint chewing gum, one can reduce sleepiness.

In addition, other studies have also proved that the positive effect of chewing gum on memory. There are two theories. First, the chewing can increase heart rate, causing more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Second, chewing would increase the production of insulin, stimulates parts of the brain associated with memory.

2. Drinking tea; Coffee has been known to improve concentration. Caffeine is known as a psychoactive substance that can stabilize feeling. But the same effect can also with drinking tea. The study gathered evidence that tea contains natural substances such as caffeine and L-theanine (psychoactive substances that affect brain activity).

3. Breakfast; According to dieticians, 9 out of 10 people who did not breakfast will feel very tired and it was hard to concentrate in the afternoon. Make sure always breakfast when will learn all day, because this is the energy capital. Eating carbohydrates like rice and bread, and protein such as eggs at lunch, powerful maximize energy and maintain concentration.

If the above method does not give any effect, I recommend to do it regularly, God willing if you do it regularly then these health problems will get better soon. Increasing concentrations can also be done in a fun way to relax your brain like a laugh, listen to music etc..

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