How to exercise the brain in order to keep fit

How to exercise the brain in order to keep fit. The brain is the most important organ in the human life. The brain is also a symbol of one’s intelligence.

Therefore, keeping the brain to always it fit. Because it can be said that if the brain is fit automated system will run perfectly. The brain can function well if the conditions are fit and continue training. You can do brain fitness with simple activities.

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How to make the brain always fit

Peripheral vision training; trick is to challenge yourself to see with peripheral vision. Peripheral Vision is a view or vision that can recognize the situation surrounding circumstances / next to you. But there is also mention that this Peripheral Vision is a vision widespread. That’s because with this capability we are able to see things that are far away from the focal point of vision.

Memorize the song; this is based on the idea that by to listen carefully, the better for the ability to understand something. The brain normally used to think and remember. Well, one easy way to train it is to memorize the song. Trust in this way will improve the performance of your memory.

Practicing with the ball; threw the ball into the air and caught it could train visual, coordination and response hand and a good eye. This is certainly based on a brain that works well when done.

Spirited children; This does not mean you have to behave like children. However, you are advised to curious and watch on objects around you. This course will serve as activities that will train your brain system.

When the brain runs perfectly, then automatically creative ideas will be generated. Quoting from a page in “kompas” mentioned that, one of the activities that we can do to keep your brain in order to stay fit is by doing brain fitness with simple activities.

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