How to improve concentration by eating chocolate

Improve concentration

How to improve concentration by eating chocolate. A study published in the journal Hypertension suggests that eating chocolate every day can boost concentration and thinking skills in people who have cognitive problems.

The researchers put the elderly in their research subjects. The elderly were asked to consume the amount of flavonols in chocolate with a slight, moderate, and more every day for eight weeks.

How to improve concentration, improve concentration by eating chocolate

The results can be concluded is that chocolate intake shown to increase their concentration and cognitive abilities. The higher levels of flavonol, the better the ability to remember.

All the study subjects did have cognitive difficulties, which are difficult to remember and learn to concentrate common in the elderly. Moreover, previous research has revealed that flavonols can increase blood pressure and insulin resistance.

The participants in the study were also seen showing significant progress in information processing and responding to information. Research on the use of flavonols to increase the concentration of these still need to be explored further, given that the subject of his research is still limited to a specific population, rather than randomly.

Flavonols is one of the derivatives of flavonoids, and both are found in many natural ingredients ie fruits and vegetables. Flavonols especially abundant in red grapes, apples, and tea, as well as noni leaves in the form of flavonol glycosides. Herbs from the leaves of plants Noni and Noni juice can greatly help improve concentration.

Apparently, not only the flavonols in chocolate are proven to improve concentration. The content of theobromine in chocolate is also likely to play a role in increasing concentration and alertness body.

How it works similar to caffeine which stimulates adrenaline, increased heart rate, and provide more oxygen to the brain cells. Each year, six per cent of people aged 70 years and over having brain issues and problems to improve concentration. Part of this problem leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

If he did not end up with such severe disease, the aging process is also surely have a major impact on the activities involving the brain. Fatigue problems thinking and dementia has become increasingly severe with age. Therefore, the discovery of substances that can increase the concentration needed at this time.

Flavonols and other antioxidants are expected to be a bright spot for this problem. Yes, chocolate is delicious definitely very difficult to resist, especially if it turns out to improve concentration.

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