How to prevent carsick on the child while traveling away

How to prevent carsick on the child while traveling away. Carsickness also called motion sickness. Traveling away to bring your children is fun, but you have to prepare a lot of special things, especially if your child is only five years old. Usually children from 2 to 10 years will be susceptible with motion sickness while traveling long enough.

You certainly do not want a moment of fun traveling with family became troublesome and annoying because your child is constantly crying and nausea and vomiting in the car. To overcome this you must prevent carsick in your children.

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Tips to prevent carsickĀ and fussy in children

Provide an orange or lemon; When your child has started to feel nauseous or may feel tired so his condition declined and made ??him want to vomit, you can give an orange or lemon to relieve the nausea. Cut oranges in half, then let your child inhale the fresh smell. Because citrus aroma found in this fruit are believed to reduce nausea.

Divert attention / provide entertainment; One factor fussy child when traveling by car is the boredom away because they could not do a lot of activities as if he were at home. Well, to relieve boredom child. Make lots of activities to distract children from boredom and fatigue before reaching their destination. You can make a game or joking and chatting scenery.

Provide snacks; If you do not wish your child is sick or fussy while traveling by using a landline, you should always provide snacks in the car. These snacks will help keep stomach being empty to avoid nausea. But before you choose a snack that you will take, you should choose a healthy snack that will keep your endurance and your family.

Sitting in the front seat; If your child is easily tired when doing long trips by car, ask your child sit in the front seat. Thus, your child can enjoy the scenery during the trip. As you traverse the beautiful natural areas or historic, do not hesitate to open the windows and let some fresh air into the car.

Not speeding; Be sure to drive a car with a relatively slow pace and regularly if your child including carsick easily when traveling. Because by using the speed fast enough, your child will be more easily felt sick and fussy, this will certainly disrupt your trip.

How to cope with travel sickness in children. Until now it is unknown why a person susceptible to motion sickness, while others do not. In fact, the same person does not always have motion sickness. The first symptom is usually a cold sweat like a floating head. Depending on its severity, other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue may follow.

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