how to get rid cockroaches

How to repel cockroaches using food ingredients

Getting rid of cockroaches can be a very difficult task. Cockroaches are often regarded as being the most ridiculous. If cockroaches have started nesting in your home, it can be a difficult problem to get rid of it.

Cockroaches can be expelled using a food that was at home. How to repel cockroaches using a cucumber. Cut the cucumber and place it on the corners where you see cockroaches. Cucumber smell will keep them away because it acts as a barrier that stops the growth of harmful microbes.

how to get rid cockroaches

Cockroaches can transmit the disease by spreading microorganisms into every corner of your home. Indeed, we could use an insect repellent material and cockroaches sold-sell in the store. However, but the chemicals to kill the cockroaches have another negative impact for your kids and pets.

Fortunately, there are natural ingredients that can be used to rid your home of cockroaches by using cucumber. Cucumber is a great way to get rid of cockroaches from your home. Cucumber repel cockroaches with the smell. Cucumbers are most easily obtainable  at home. No need no mixing other chemicals or do not require a lot of money.

Cockroaches are insects with an oval body shape and flattened. Head hidden under the pronotum. Pronotum and wings slippery, it seems hard, hairless. Brown and dark brown. Cockroaches are one of the insects belong to the order Ortopthera (two-winged) with wings behind the front cover and folding wings like paper.

Many people feel disgusted with this insect. No wonder, because generally cockroach living in dark places, dirty, damp and smelly. Cockroaches easily be encountered at home. He takes up almost all kinds of food he found to survive.

Unpleasant smell, dirt and germs that he left behind in every place he alighted, make cockroaches are considered as indicators of poor sanitation. Various germs that come from dirty places attached to the cockroach’s body and will be attached to any place he hinggapi. Therefore cockroaches can cause various kinds of illness began the day typhoid, toxoplasmosis, until the SARS disease, so it is necessary to control the population.

Control of cockroaches can be done in various ways, such as by insecticides. Or by pouring hot water on the cockroach eggs so do not hatch and breed.

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