Varicose veins in pregnancy natural remedies

How natural remedies for varicose veins during pregnancy? Pregnancy is one of the common causes of varicose veins in the area of femininity and only occurs in women because only women can get pregnant. Varicose veins can occur in the feet (especially behind the knees).

How to cope with varicose veins during pregnancy? Varicose veins that occur in pregnancy because of the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Your baby’s growth puts pressure on the veins in the pelvis and the large vein. Veins have valves that stop the blood returning to the heart.

When this valve does not work properly, the vein become congested and cause the blood to increase. The walls of vein begin to stretch and swell, making it visible under your skin.

Although varicose veins during pregnancy will not interfere with fetal development you will but the conditions are getting worse from varicose veins may occur because of excess weight when you’re pregnant, fetal weight or pregnancy with twins.

Varicose veins are present in the area of femininity will hamper your labor, the severe conditions will lead to a Caesarean. The risk of varicose veins will be higher in pregnant at age 40 or older because the thickening of vein walls that impede the vein flow, making it easier for varicose veins appear.

Natural remedies of varicose veins during pregnancy

  1. Consumption of healthy foods
  2. Meet the needs of body fluids
  3. Exercise during pregnancy will reduce varicose veins
  4. Avoid high heels during pregnancy
  5. Avoid massaging at the top of your varicose veins

Healthy foods can help varicose veins during pregnancy. Consumption of certain foods during pregnancy may help to ease the discomfort of varicose veins that exist and can prevent varicose veins getting worse. Consuming fruit juice, especially blackberries, blueberries can help prevent varicose veins. This fruit contains a pigment which can strengthen the walls of veins.

To overcome your varicose veins can consume vitamin E. Consumption of vitamin E would lower the risk of more severe varicose veins, as well as garlic can inhibit the appearance of varicose veins. Avoid processed foods that can aggravate the situation.

Drinking too much tea, coffee and carbonated beverages can make more painful varicose veins and causes constipation for those of you who are pregnant. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. For those of you who need extra supplements should consult with your obstetrician or midwife.

Regular exercise will reduce fat accumulation, while maintaining good circulation and your veins. Try walking, swimming or light exercise. Avoid excessive aerobic exercise, such as cycling and jogging, increasing the pressure on the veins in your legs, and can make the problem worse.

One of the main causes of varicose veins in women is the use of high heels. During pregnancy you avoid wearing high heels because it will hinder the veins in the leg area. For those of you who want to use high heels on certain activities, your shoes no more than 5 cm. Also avoid sitting or squatting for a long time, and try not to sit with your legs crossed.

Do not massage directly on top of your varicose veins. Strong massage may be painful, and make your vein worse. You can use cold water to stretch the muscles without doing the massage or try to compress a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar to your feet, twice a day.

Just as previously described natural way of treating varicose veins using apple cider vinegar. For those of you who have varicose veins getting worse you should consult your doctor to get further treatment.

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