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How to care for newborn baby skin peeling and drying

How to care for newborn baby skin peeling and drying? Skin problems in babies is often the case, One part of the skin on a regularly peeled baby is around the eyes. Skin disorders in newborn baby as prickly heat, diaper eczema, and eczema milk can actually be solved if parents diligently maintain healthy skin.

Some time ago actually we’ve discussed how to care for skin peeling in newborns? Many things to consider when having a baby. Skin peeling or flaky is one of the small problems you need to learn and how to treat it. Being a mother or father should be calm and smart in caring for a newborn baby.

newborn baby skin peeling, newborn skin peeling around eyes, newborn skin care peeling
Care for newborn baby skin peeling

How to diligently changing diapers, choose soft fabrics, as well as keeping the room air to keep it cool and comfortable. In contrast to adult skin, baby and toddler skin is relatively thin with a loose bond between the cells. Because the child’s skin is more susceptible to infection, irritation, and allergic.

Structurally, the skin of newborn baby undeveloped and functioning optimally so that special care is needed. Skin care for newborn baby can be started from the day-to-day activities. For example, by bathing regularly, clean the hair, and changing diapers or clothes at the right time.

Causes of dry skin in newborns

Sweat glands; Sweat glands in newborns that are not fully developed, so baby’s skin can not adapt to dry air, too hot, or too cold. As a result the baby’s skin moisture has not been normal.

Use of soap; The use of too much soap can make the skin dry, or even aggravate dry skin problems. This is due to the nature of soap that lifts the skin’s natural oil, so the baby’s skin more difficult to keep the moisture.

Air; The air is too cold or too hot with low humidity levels will increase the risk of dry baby’s skin. In addition to dry skin and peeling, we also have an explanation of the causes of red spots on baby’s skin.

Dry baby skin problem is actually a natural thing that happens to the baby. Newborns can experience this problem. Understandably, 9 months earlier baby’s skin was submerged in amniotic fluid. So when it’s born, baby’s sensitive skin still has to adjust to the air. That is why the outer skin of the baby will peel away when exposed to dry air.

Dry skin in newborns will usually peel or flaky, includes around the eyes. Basically the problem of dry baby skin can be overcome easily. But if dry skin spreads and itch increases, you should consult your pediatrician to ask for recommendations on the most appropriate way to treat it.

How to care for newborn baby skin peeling

Baby clothes should be of soft material and is always clean. By paying attention to the clothes that used to mean we have attempted to avoid peeling skin on newborn. Cotton fibrous materials must be the first choice for children who have sensitive skin.

Newborn baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. Chemicals, detergents, fragrances, and dyes on clothing can make the skin become irritated, dry, flaky, and red. To avoid skin peeling on newborns then you should pay attention to it, keep baby’s skin from chemicals

Newborns will have wrinkled skin and a protective coating. This layer will then be separated. This is a natural process that takes place during the first week. You do not need to rush to rub and smearing the baby’s skin with a cream or lotion. The developing immune system in newborn.

If you have a family history of skin disorders, allergies or asthma, it is important to protect the baby’s immune system and protect it from allergy triggers irritation. Be sure to use detergent for babies that are free of fragrance and dyes. Wash clothes, bedding and blankets separately from the family laundry.

Immediately change after a wet or soiled diaper. Wash the diaper area with mild fragrance-free cleanser. If the rash is severe, use a spray bottle to clean without rubbing. How to care for newborn baby skin peeling and drying slightly complicated, being a mother should be more careful in taking care of the baby’s skin.

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