How to get rid of a blocked nose while sleeping instantly

How to get rid of a blocked nose while sleeping instantly? Blocked nose can be very irritating. In addition to feeling uncomfortable, blocked nose also makes us difficulty breathing. As a result, we often feel dizzy and not fit. Nasal congestion will disturb your sleep at night.

Stuffy nose is a very disturbing problem, especially if it is experienced at bedtime at night. You may be able to go to a pharmacy and buy some medicines to get rid of stuffy nose at night. But medicines almost always have side effects. So, try some ways to get rid of a blocked nose at night with home remedies.

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How to get rid of a blocked nose while sleeping

You can try how to get rid of nasal congestion like in the articles we shared before. In addition to this article we will also share the best sleeping position with stuffy nose. Because with the medicine will not cure a blocked nose instantly. You should find a comfortable sleeping position.

Home remedies to get rid of blocked nose

Eat chili; Eating spicy foods mixed with chili is one of the most effective remedies for getting rid of a blocked nose. Chemical compounds in chili will make the mucus in the nose more fluid and easy to remove so it helps in cleaning the nasal congestion. However, do not overuse this way because it can cause other problems such as abdominal pain.

Walking; If you are bothered by a blocked nose at night and when it does not feel weak or tired, then you can go out for a walk. Simple movements such as walking can improve breathing circulation and work as natural decongestants.

Gargling salt water; Salt water is a good material and can be relied upon when the middle of the night you wake up because of blocked nose. How to get rid of this blocked nose is easy to do. Just live provide a glass of warm water and put salt to taste, mix it until blended, after soluble you can use it to rinse 3-4 times.

Steam from herbal tea; Other home remedies to relieve blocked nose are herbal teas. Not for drinking, but inhaling steam from herbal teas to get rid of a blocked nose. Herbal can cure irritated respiratory tract. This herbal tea vapor also makes the mucus more dilute which can eventually make the nasal passages smoother. You can also continue to sleep quietly.

Drink warm lime juice; Can not sleep because of blocked nose? Make lime juice warm because this herb is very efficacious and good to get rid of blocked nose. For immunity, this drink is also considered healthy and beneficial, especially if you want to add it with honey. While still warm, drink and you will feel a clogged nose will be relieved.

Best position to sleep with blocked nose

The sleeping position with the pillow is higher; Blocked nose will make you difficult to sleep, you can get rid of a blocked nose by elevating the position of the pillow. The position of a higher pillow can make the flow of breathing becomes more smoothly. Even when there is mucus, mucus will become liquid so that the flow can go down.

If after trying home remedies to get rid of a blocked nose but the condition of stuffy nose has not improved and it grew more severe or lasted more than 10 days accompanied by high fever and greenish yellow mucus, it would be better to visit the doctor to get proper nasal congestion treatment.

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