How to get rid of head lice quickly and naturally

Get rid of head lice

How to get rid of head lice quickly and naturally. For people who live in the tropics, diseases and pests in human hair is quite a lot. Dandruff, split ends, and hair loss. Lice are quite disturbing, which ticks will make your scalp itch and sometimes cause irritation when carded.

Head lice are parasitic insects that are habitat only in the hair and eat by sucking blood. Female lice can lay eggs and produce 6 units per day and the eggs will be attached to the scalp to hatch within a week.

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Causes tough to eradicate because lice move very quickly and easily from one head to another. And lice cause many of the symptoms when lodged in your head.

Symptoms can be caused by head lice

  1. Strong itching on the surface of the head. This is caused by the substance contained in the saliva of head lice.
  2. Red marks on the surface of the head, neck and behind the ears. Signs visible swelling behind the ear.
  3. The presence of lice eggs are small. She looked radiant and white. He looks like dandruff but it is not easily removed.

How to get rid of head lice

  1. Prepare the olive oil and lemon to taste.
  2. Then mix both ingredients into a small bowl until evenly.
  3. Then rub the herb was all over the hair and scalp, before bed.
  4. When finished, cover your hair with a shower cap or other hair coverings. Let stand until we woke up.
  5. Then wash as usual.

To prevent head lice come back you have to be careful because it is very easy to spread through combs, hair jewelry, towels, caps, and other. Eliminate head lice. Head lice do not just make your hair is not healthy but it makes your scalp itchy and want to scratch it, because lice are one of the insects that suck your blood to your head skin blood.

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