How to shrink a cystic acne using home remedies

How to shrink a cystic acne using home remediesIt is very uncomfortable if you have a big acne. As we mentioned earlier, but it is a different thing in get rid of cystic acne scars.

One important thing to know is the food that can cause acne. Because a common cause of acne is the food. One of the most you should avoid is junk food. In fact there are some foods that can cause cystic acne.

The first thing that comes to mind if you want to perform laser treatments is the price. What laser treatment is good or bad?¬†What laser treatment have side effects?¬†There are a few things you should know as a requirement if it is to perform laser treatments to shrink the acne. So it’s more safe is to use herbal ingredients.

Home remedies to shrink a cystic acne

  1. Ice
  2. Garlic
  3. Honey
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Aloe vera
  6. Lime

Benefits of ice to shrink cystic acne

Ice has anti-inflammatory or benefit to heal inflammatory acne quickly. Ice has a cooling effect to kill the bacteria that cause acne quickly, so it can be used as a way to shrink inflamed acne.

Benefits of garlic to shrink cystic acne

To shrink the acne quickly, use a mask face of garlic is the most rapid. Garlic has a sulfur compound that has benefits for shrink the acne very quickly. So no wonder if garlic can used as a way to reduce the swelling acne. Garlic also can kill the bacteria that cause acne and prevent clogged pores by the bacteria that cause acne, so acne can shrink rapidly.

Benefits of honey to shrink cystic acne

Honey will trigger your body to produce hydrogen peroxide, where the compound will be very useful to kill the bacteria that cause acne and cystic acne can shrink rapidly. Honey has acidic properties are very useful as an anti-inflammatory to shrink inflamed acne and reduce redness effect on acne.

Benefits of toothpaste to shrink cystic acne

What kind of toothpaste is best for acne? Toothpaste containing silica that has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can relieve and shrink inflamed acne fairly quickly and can be used as a way to eliminate the redness of acne. Toothpaste also contains triclosan, which has anti-bacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that cause of acne quickly, so that the acne will quickly shrink.

Benefits of aloe vera to shrink cystic acne

Aloe vera contains giberelin compounds and polysaccharides which have anti-bacterial properties, so that it can kill the bacteria that cause acne and cystic acne can shrink rapidly. Aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial to shrink and heal inflamed acne though.

Benefits of lime to shrink cystic acne

Lime has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. So, of course lemon can kill the bacteria that cause acne quickly, so the acne will shrink. Lime will also trigger the skin to produce collagen naturally. This collagen will soften your skin naturally and acne will shrink rapidly.

Laser treatment to shrink cystic acne

Laser treatment can do to shrink cystic acne, it is if you do not mind to pay a high cost. This is very helpful to shrink the acne in a short time and quickly. In addition, the laser is fired into your skin will trigger the production of collagen in the skin quickly, where the benefits of collagen for acne is to soften your skin.

Laser treatment is a technology that currently has a high level of efficacy in dealing with this type of acne. Laser treatment has a the ability to lift a variety of dust, dirt, and bacteria that closes the pores so that your acne will shrink in overnight and can be useful as a way to remove the dark spots of acne scars.

Drinking water regularly 8 glasses a day will speed shrink the acne. This is because consuming water regularly will help to remove various toxins in the body that triggers inflammation acne. In addition, water also becomes tips clean your blood that cause acne.

Healthy lifestyle is an important aspect to keep in mind if you really want to speed up the process of shrink the acne. Avoid stress and sleep late at night which will trigger a hormonal imbalance that will lead to the production of hormones that cause acne increases.

Eating foods that cause acne on the face popping up like greasy foods, spicy foods, and junk-food will increase sebum production. It’s a few tips on how to shrink a cystic acne using home remedies. For more optimal you should avoid the causes of cystic acne ranging from food even lifestyle.

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