Milk that may be an alternative if your child is allergic

Cow’s milk allergy

Milk that may be an alternative if your child is allergic. The case of cow’s milk allergy is high. But keep in mind, the baby is not allergic to cow’s milk but are allergic to cow’s milk protein. Breast milk is the best choice for infants. But not all children are lucky to get milk. For that, there are several options that you can take if your baby has allergies and you can not breast feed.

Babies have immunity system is still immature and vulnerable. Milk allergy usually occurs when the baby’s immune system aware (or assume) that the protein content in cow’s milk as a hazardous substance. Baby’s immune system will fight the protein contained in cow’s milk so that the symptoms of an allergic reaction will appear.

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Symptoms of cow’s milk allergy is similar to other food allergy symptoms. Will usually attack the skin, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract. Reaction acute (short-term) that often occurs is itching of the skin. Reaction chronic (long-term) that occurs is asthma, dermatitis (eczema skin) and gastrointestinal disorders.

Other milk that may be an alternative if your child is allergic

Soy milk is relatively inexpensive and it is preferred by infants compared hypoallergenic milk. Soya milk is formula milk lactose free for infants and children who are allergic to cow’s milk protein. Soya milk using soy protein isolate as a base material. The soy protein isolate has a high protein content of milk equivalent. However, soy milk should not be given to infants younger than 6 months. You need to be careful because 30-40 percent of children with cow’s milk allergy, it also has soya milk allergy.

Extensive hydrolysis infant formulas. Infant formulas which can be given to children who showed allergic reaction is hypoallergenic milk. This milk contains cow’s milk protein is processed in particular. Several studies have shown effective use of this type of milk for cow’s milk protein allergy sufferers.

Partial hydrolysis of infant formula. This type of milk is still cow’s milk protein is large enough that it still has the potential to cause allergic reactions. Partial hydrolysis of infant formula is generally used to prevent the onset of allergic symptoms in children at risk of allergies because of heredity and is not recommended for infants who already appeared cow’s milk protein allergy reactions.

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