Natural ways to eliminate body odor

How to naturally eliminate body odor. Body odor is a thing you do not want to happen to you, because it is certainly very disturbing, especially when you are in a public place with many people who can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

Body odor is usually caused by bacteria that thrive in a particular body part, such as the armpits and other body parts that are sweating. But the symptoms of body odor has many causes, such as diet, hormonal changes, genetic disorders, stress levels, and dietary imbalances can also lead to body odor.

Then how to eliminate body odor. Of course many ways to eliminate body odor, ranging from wearing deodorant to use special soap. But there is a way to eliminate body odor using natural ingredients.

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Natural ways to eliminate body odor

  1. Reduce eating onions, because in addition to making unpleasant bad breath, onions can also lead to body odor, it helps you to limit the consumption of foods that contain a onions.
  2. With lime, you can reduce your body odor by squeezing lime and mixed with a few whiting and rubbed on parts of your body that you feel is the main cause of your body odor, such as the armpits.
  3. With baking soda, which is used as an ingredient to make the cake turned out to have many benefits for reducing the levels of excessive perspiration when you many activities outside. In order to use dab of baking soda on the area that is often sweaty.
  4. With betel leaf, which is already known effective to reduce body odor. How to use them, soak for a few betel leaves in hot water, then drink the water. To get the result try to drink it every day routine, your body odor will undoubtedly be reduced.
  5. With apple cider vinegar, is a natural deodorant that can reduce the pH of the skin, so it can reduce body odor that bothered. To use it you just put apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and use to wash your armpits while bathing.
  6. With cucumber, than good for your health, cucumber were also able to reduce your body odor. To use them, peel the cucumber fruit that is still young, and then apply on your body that smell each finished showering regularly.

How to eliminate body odor can be done in various ways, ranging from the natural way to use deodorant. Eliminate body odor can also be done using natural ingredients.

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