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4 benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes

The benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes. One of the benefits of dragon fruit most sought after by many people lately is its benefits to treat diabetes. To help relieve diabetes can be helped by the consumption of dragon fruit. Dragon fruit has various types of content and substances that are very important for the body such as vitamin C, beta carotene, fiber, carbohydrates but dragon fruit is low calorie so very healthy and suitable for those of you who are trying to lose weight.

Diabetes is a disease in which there is accumulation or excess blood sugar levels so as to make the performance of the hormone insulin, a hormone that converts glucose into energy that is located in the pancreas becomes over the drive and eventually experience interference. Because of this then the sugar becomes accumulate and become a disease because it can not be processed into energy and called with diabetes.

diabetes diet food, diabetes diet recipes, diabetes diet menu
Dragon fruit for diabetes

In addition to healthful, dragon fruit also benefits for diabetes. Every person with diabetes certainly search a combination of diet / food right to control their blood sugar levels. Benefits of dragon fruit to cope with diabetes. And as promised, this is a more detailed explanation about the benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes. This article was written based on experience of someone who uses dragon fruit to overcome problems they experienced with type 2 diabetes.


In her experience, adding a dragon fruit in the food menu list gives a very significant effect in lowering blood sugar levels in the body. And not just the fresh dragon fruit, dried dragon fruit is consumed with a large serving of salad (vegetables) also gives a similar effect in controlling blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.

4 benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes

Rich in nutrients; Dragon fruit contains many nutrients needed by the body. With the various types of nutrients contained in the dragon fruit is what makes many people believe that dragon fruit can lower blood sugar levels, helps reduce blood cholesterol and contains many antioxidants that can protect the body from various types of diseases. The seeds of the dragon fruit are rich in omega 3 which keeps the healthy nerves maintained and the flesh is rich in magnesium and calcium which is very good for bone health.

Proven scientifically lowers sugar levels; A study conducted by the University of Malaysia’s son found surprising results in which as many as 20 samples of diabetics at the age of 40-55 years, half the sample is given the consumption of dragon fruit while half are given medicines to lower blood sugar. The results obtained is that by consuming dragon fruit on a regular basis for 7 weeks the result is better in lowering blood sugar levels compared with consuming chemical drugs lowering blood sugar levels. With this the people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 who have dependence on insulin injections can be minimized.

Able to lower bad cholesterolDragon fruit also contains substances that can lower levels of bad cholesterol in which high cholesterol in the blood will also aggravate complaints of diabetes that is suffered. By controlling cholesterol levels in the body also will indirectly help the body maximize performance so as to lower blood sugar levels faster and better.

Controlling the amount of insulin; Many doctors who advise diabetic patients to consume dragon fruit on a regular basis because it is able to control blood sugar levels. Another benefit of the content in the dragon fruit is being able to control insulin levels so that it is more appropriate when processing the amount of sugar in the body. So with the benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes, are you still hesitant to consume dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit diet for diabetes type 2

I call it ‘the dragon fruit benefits for diabetes’ in the hope that more people who suffer from type 2 diabetes would try to incorporate this fruit into their diet as a natural way to solve the problem of their diabetes. To know the benefits of course you should try it yourself.

Based on my personal experience, I can ensure that the dried dragon fruit can significantly lower blood sugar levels in diabetes that I’ve experienced, although I consume in an amount not too much. For example, I consume about 40 grams of dried dragon fruit along with a salad. After an hour, it directly lowers blood sugar levels in my body, and it can make your blood sugar stable throughout the day.

Dragon fruit diet for diabetes type 1

Dragon fruit diet for diabetes type 1, reducing insulin levels. At some articles about the benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes also mentioned that this can reduce insulin levels required by people with type 1 diabetes. If you are type 1 diabetics who use insulin injections, try to enter the dragon fruit in your food list. Do not need a lot, just consume 1 medium fruit a day. You try to feel the dragon fruit nutrition benefits.

Although it has not been too much research done on the benefits of dragon fruit for diabetes, but there’s enough shared experience by some people who feel the benefits of this dragon fruit. Hopefully it’s a positive experience they can also happen to you, .

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