Fatty liver can lead to cancer

Fatty liver can lead to cancer. Now you should be wary of fatty liver. Fatty liver is the accumulation of excessive fat in the liver cells. It is very common in people who are overweight and many occur at the age of over 30 years.

In this condition, the liver contains excessive fat and most of the normal liver tissue is replaced with unhealthy fats. In this case, the liver cells and the spaces filled with fat in the liver so the liver becomes slightly enlarged and heavier.

Fatty liver can lead to cancer

Liver becomes oily and yellowish. This condition makes a complaint which is bad in the liver, which is felt in the right upper abdomen. It may also be found in the liver of gallstones, which are composed of cholesterol and bile salts.

Excess fat in the liver can be seen with ultrasound. This condition may also be an increase in liver enzymes. Liver dysfunction is very common and is a growing problem. A healthy liver somewhat reddish color and the texture is uniform. Basically, the liver has a room filled with red to pink as they are filled with blood. Rows of liver cells forming the walls of the room.

During the blood flow throughout the room, the liver cells can clean up toxins, dead cells, microorganisms and fat from the bloodstream. This is the reason why liver as a filter and cleaning the blood flow. If the room is the liver and liver cells are filled with fat, then the liver can not filter and clean the blood flow efficiently and the blood flow becomes filled with toxins and fat.

Therefore the best way to overcome this problem, if not then a continued weak liver function will trigger further problems such as autoimmune conditions and type 2 diabetes. Some reported cases linking fatty liver with liver cancer. According to medical experts gastroenterohepatologi, most cases of liver cancer is caused by infection with Hepatitis B and C.

Obesity had the greatest role (primary), although not all patients with fatty liver are obese. Fatty liver can be formed due to secondary factors, such as hepatitis virus infection, HIV, toxins, or use of certain medications. Fatty liver affects many people with central obesity (overweight around the stomach).

There are at least two possibilities. In the majority of patients with fatty liver, liver function is normal and stable. Some others have inflammation of the liver. They are inflammatory some are led to cirrhosis and fibrosis. Cirrhosis can develop into cancer. No marker that predict the exact direction of the development of fatty liver.

There are cancer patients without cirrhosis of the liver. To determine the condition of the liver in people with fatty liver and includes high risk, such as obesity and diabetes, the best procedure is to biopsy the liver.

According to nutrition specialist, the diet reduces liver fat principles can overcoming obesity. Reduce consumption of saturated fats among other things, the coconut oil and animal fat, including meat. Instead, add omega-3, including from tuna, salmon, and mackerel.

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