Get to know some of the causes of ankle edema

Thursday, December 27th 2012. | Diseases

Get to know some of the causes of ankle edema. In this article will discuss about the causes of ankle edema. Swelling of the feet either with pain or without pain is a sign that something is not normal in our bodies. Ankle edema is swelling in the lower leg caused by a buildup of fluid in the legs.

This condition can be mild to imply abnormalities to serious disorders that involve our vital organs. Therefore if we have swelling around the ankle in a long time, it is wise if we do not underestimate. Treat yourself (self medication) with massage and so on.

how to cure ankle edema

There are several ways that can be done to overcome the ankle edema. Initial treatment to do with propping feet so as not to depend and elevate legs when lying down. Continued treatment tailored to the underlying cause.

How to check for ankle edema

Tests done very easily, if pressing on the ankle area will arise basin long enough to get back to normal. Further examination to determine the cause of ankle edema is determining protein levels in blood and urine, cardiac examination (chest X-ray, ECG), liver and kidney function.

Factors that cause ankle edema

Cause swelling on your feet, which are lightweight, among others, due to the position of standing or walking a long, long sitting position (eg in a car or plane trip distance), pregnancy, excess weight (overweight) and ankle trauma (sprains).

This swelling will disappear if the cause is not there anymore. However this swelling can be permanent and the cause is damage to our vital organs. The most frightening is swelling caused by heart failure, kidney failure and liver failure.

Many factors can cause ankle edema. Contributing factor is the level of protein (albumin) in the blood is low, decreased cardiac pump function, blockage of veins or lymph vessels, liver and chronic kidney disease, the ankle are too long dependent (gravity). Ankle edema occurs in both legs but can also occur on one leg only.

Ankle edema that occurs in only one leg can be caused by the flow of the veins or lymph vessels blocked, this blockage can occur because the blood is thick and freeze in the veins or tumor masses that compress the veins or lymph vessels.

In principle, the swelling is due to water retention (accumulation of water) in the body and with the influence of gravity the calf and foot area we are the ones most often experience swelling (edema).

Water is the largest component in the blood is physiologically it would be out of the capillaries into the surrounding cells to provide nutrients to the cells. After that the water will be absorbed back into the veins and ‘in and out’ mechanisms is governed by the balance by hormones and substances like hormone called prostaglandins.

Problems arise when the water coming out of the veins more than the water is absorbed back into the veins. This is due to the change in pressure or leakage in the capillaries, so that the water will flood the cells outside the capillaries that.

Early treatment can be done is a way to prop the foot so as not to depend and elevate legs when lying down. Advanced treatment tailored to the underlying cause. Hopefully this article get to know some of the causes of ankle edema can be useful for you.