Home remedies to treating foot fungus with tea tree oil

Monday, October 27th 2014. | Health

How to use tea tree oil for foot fungus? Do you annoyed with foot fungus that you experienced? As we know, the fungus grows in humid environments and rarely gets sunlight, likewise the fungus that grows on the feet. The fungus can grow in the foot because the feet are in the moist situation.

Fungus infections in the foot area cause the skin exfoliation. The skin becomes red and itchy as well as makes the burning sensation which develops a sense of injury and abrasions. So, how to overcome that problem? Home remedies to treating foot fungus with tea tree oil can be the best solution.

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– Why is tree tea oil?

Perhaps you have ever wondered why choose tea tree oil to cure foot fungus. Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia, the native plants in Australia and New South Wales. It has a wide range of uses which include strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and surely anti fungal.

Tea tree oil has naturally anti-fungal compounds that help kill the fungi that cause fungal infections include to the foot fungus. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, inhibit the spread of fungal infection to other body parts.

– How to apply it?

Tea tree oil has been claimed to be useful for treating a variety of medical conditions. It shows that this oil is as an antimicrobial. It has been for centuries, tea tree oil is used in Australia to heal scars. However, the local people soon find out that these naturally oils proved to have wide range of uses. One of which is to cure foot fungus.

As for the use of tea tree oil to treat fungus on foot is not difficult. You just need to be diligently and be patient in applying it. The following are some guidelines that you can apply at home:

1) Clean the food before apply it

Sometimes we often do not give enough attention to the feet, including cleaning it properly. Regular cleaning ritual by washing the feet with soap and rub or peel off dead skin cells, can make feet stay healthy and do not allow bacteria to grow in the foot. Therefore do this before applying tea tree oil, so that your efforts in eliminating foot fungus in more optimal.

2) Wipe the foot

If after washing your feet are still wet, it would be better if you wipe with a dry and clean towel.

3) Apply tea tree oil

Right now you can apply tea tree oil to the area of foot fungus. You can use cotton in applying it. Do it twice a day, morning and evening after washing the feet cleanly. Generally the results are proved about a week.