How to get rid cystic acne scars with home remedies

This is the explanation of how to get rid cystic acne scars with home remedies. All types of acne scars and will cause different, dark spots and even holes. Cystic acne is often cause scars hole if you do the treatment by pushing up blood out of acne.

If they just acne, you can take a good care using natural ingredients that do not cause severe acne scars. Acne makes the face becomes not seem healthy such as using tomato to get rid of acne. Women and men alike can feel a pimple anytime. Avoid the habit of seeing acne, because it will make you want to squeeze a acne.

Acne can occur in some parts of the body other than the face, such as the back and chest acne. And although acne on the chest can also leave scars. We have already explained earlier how to get rid of acne scars on the chest.

For the time being we have described is how to get rid of cystic acne scars naturally. Using home remedies such as tomato, aloe vera and honey. In addition to natural ingredients, you can also treat acne scars on the body with the best foods to acne.

Home remedies to get rid cystic acne scars

  1. Tomato
  2. Aloe vera
  3. Honey

Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A that can remove impurities and dead skin cells that can help get rid of cystic acne scars. Use tomatoes on the face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Aloe vera contains a gel that have efficacy for acne. Benefits of aloe vera for acne is capable of lifting the buildup of dead skin cells that are very helpful in removing the cystic acne scars. Use aloe vera gel on your face and wait until dry, then rinse the face with clean water. Repeat regularly in the morning and evening.

Not only can eliminate acne, but honey can also remove cystic acne scars. Use honey on your face and wait for a few moments, then rinse your face with warm water. Perform routine at bedtime and rinse in the morning.

The cause of cystic acne

  • Cosmetics
    For those of you who did have to use cosmetics when going out of the house, be sure to promptly clean up after not necessary. Especially for those who often use cosmetics. If not cleaned up, then that is what will cause the growth of cystic acne. Because part of the pores of your face will be clogged by cosmetics you use.
  • Psychological factors
    For those of you who have the burden of thinking, better let your mind relax. A lot of thought that lead to stress will trigger the growth of cystic acne. It was done by the facial muscles are tightened so that the production of oil glands in the face of increases and sparked the growth of bacteria that cause cystic acne.
  • Genetic factors
    For those of you who have any kind of oily skin on face, possibly because of your family have types of oily skin. Cystic acne is very easy to grow in oily skin types. If in your family have cystic acne problem, it will most likely happen to you. Note also that if your skin type is oily, it is better to limit the intake of oily foods as soon as possible.

How to prevent cystic acne

  • Avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, fat, contain alcohol, chili or spicy, fried food.
  • Expand to consume vegetables and fruits.
  • Always keep the face by washing your face regularly and also at bedtime.
  • Clean the face before using cosmetics.
  • Drink plenty of water and try to drink herbal tea in the morning.
  • Wearing a mask of fruits that have the efficacy to prevent acne and other fruit such as carrots, tomatoes, lemon, yam and others.

How cystic acne occur? When there is dead skin cells so quickly the skin will regenerate back. However, if the skin with abnormal growth, dead skin cells will be slower to regenerate so that it will accumulate and the inflammation that resulted in the emergence of cystic acne.

Maybe you do not know the characteristics of cystic acne, how the characteristics of cystic acne? The characteristics of cystic acne is when pressed will feel hard. By pressing then you can determine the type of acne on the face. If it hurts, then that cystic acne.

Cystic acne very quickly spread to the entire and popping on face. Even if your face is dirty will be able to spread to the neck. When you’ve managed to eliminate cystic acne on the face, do not expect to face will be smooth. For characteristic of cystic acne scars on the face are causing the facial skin hole.

Cystic acne is one type of acne that has a large size, large size due to inflammation around the acne so make the size of the pimple appears larger than acne in general. Apart from the above ways to get rid cystic acne scars with home remedies, you can also use the eggs to get rid of acne scars holes.

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